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I completely agree with what SphaeriCactus said. Personally I never managed to bounce on more than one enemy, but I felt the vulnerability to fall from very high after destroying many enemies, definitely adrenaline.

As for the new enemy, it's a simple opponent to understand but difficult to manage in large quantities, which for now has never happened. Since I've never seen more than one at a time, which makes it easy to destroy.

A very funny thing is to die while falling because of a bullet that the new enemy fired, maybe just before he died.

You definitely have to go on like this, I can't wait to see what you'll do next time ^^

Good Update, waiting for more :)

Nothing new ... Uffy =(

This game is beautiful.

Obviously not perfect, for example you don't understand that you have to assign different codes for different actions, and for the jump 3 touches are too many, I don't imagine how it could be after ...
But apart from that it's ... nice, I can't find other words to describe it. An original idea, well done, that captures you and above all makes you have fun.

I'm very sorry I didn't find this game before to review it in Game Jam.
But I'm glad I found it, so now I can follow you and play the full game, because you'll finish it ... right?

Exactly, amazing.

Nice, maybe the colors would have chosen them different, but it's still beautiful.

Everything works, from the least to the restart, so great job for a game jam.
The idea of having only one bullet is not original, but it was very well done and it's fun to play the game, that's enough in my opinion.

Interesting idea, not very original but well done, especially the cover, which caught me as soon as I saw it.

The menu is very nice and above all working, which I really appreciated.
Pretty smart enemies and a decent level design.

For a Game Jam it's a great result, congratulations.

An idea not very original but very well made.

The sound design is good and the graphics are beautiful, for a game jam it is enough.


Although I only arrived at 3rd level due to the lag, I really appreciated the idea, interesting and funny, especially when I went to retrieve a sailor at the bottom of the sea, hoping that you hadn't added a drowning system.


An interesting idea but badly explained in the game.

However nice sound effects and graphics, congratulations for having created something like this during a 48h Jam.

I state that despite my multiple attempts I could not find that boat.

The game itself is done well, good music and excellent graphics.
All good except for the idea ... I didn't find it very much in line with the theme.

But apart from that, it's a great result.

Fun and a great anti-stress.

Minimal graphics that are always pleasant, a puzzle that is difficult enough to occupy your mind, and no major bugs found.

Maybe I couldn't see the focus on the Jam theme very well, but it's still a good game.

A nice game, with minimal graphics and difficult gameplay.

It follows the theme and I haven't found any big bugs, so it's great for a Game Jam.


A not very original idea but well done, I could not proceed beyond the 3rd level and this is good, even if I failed it kept me busy a long time and it is not the kind of game I love to play.

Great result for a Game Jam, congratulations.

Great game, difficult but you never have the impression that it's impossible, just that you're doing something wrong.

And when you finally pass the level you're really happy.

The mechanics of the one direction blends perfectly with the game, which in addition to being very pleasant to play is also pleasant to look at with a light and well-made minimal graphics, although I found the backgrund sometimes annoying, because it was confused with the corridors.

For having been made in 48 hours it is a pearl, I absolutely recommend to continue developing it.

Being able to load it is already a great achievement.

As for the absence of some ideas ... it's a great excuse to keep working on it =)

Great project, the animations were crucial to understand the mechanics of blinding and are done very well.

Nice atmosphere, but lacking in clarity, I could not understand very well what to do, but I still enjoyed exploring the level.

Personally I suggest you carry on the idea, something very nice could come out of it.

A good prototype.

If it's your first Jam compliments, it's a great goal to be able to finish and load something like this.

Excellent idea, it follows the theme and has been done very well.

I found few errors and they are all forgivable since it is a Jam, things like the absence of a button to close the game or the backwards words are normal.

I'm nobody, but I suggest you try to keep the idea going.

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"Long feedback" When you will do something more complex ... then you will see my long feedback.

If you really think about carrying out the idea, I'm available if you need help, from programming to simple testing.
Not art, my drawings are horrible.

Really really difficult.

I'm not a lover of this type of game, but I found it very interesting. Being forced to watch the engine go by praying it did it faster because you had to slow down was a lot of fun.

Minimal graphics that are always welcome and no big bug found, congratulations.

I realized the freeze of the block in 20 minutes, when there were, if I remember correctly, 20 minutes at the end of the Jam.

It seemed like a good idea and I wanted to add it, even though making the menu would have been better.

I am very glad you enjoyed it and thank you for playing our game.

The original idea was to bring the totem to the end of the level.

But ... then when we had only a few hours left at the end of the Jam we accidentally lost 2 hours of work and we were forced to cut different parts of the game, including the end.
I'm very sorry for this mistake we made, but I hope you enjoyed playing it like us to produce it.

Very nice, although the idea of having only one bullet is not original, in this case a very nice game was made.

So many small additions like the incendiary arrow or the chance to kill yourself accidentally, make the game a great product.

Seriously I suggest you try to improve it slightly, perhaps adding different worlds with different mechanics (less gravity, walls where the arrow bounces, etc ...) and then bring the idea forward.


I'm not a rogue like expert so I can't judge the originality of the idea.

However the realization is good, the menu works and the levels are fun to play, maybe a little too easy due to the possibility of send away enemies when attacking them.


Beautiful designs, the character has a lot of personality thanks to the two eyes of different sizes but the idea is not very original even if it follows the theme.

The sequence of death is too long and the player's hitbox seemed to me to be too big, making me hit sometimes I thought I was safe.
However the intelligence of the enemies is good and the slowing down effect of time is a nice addition.


A realization entirely on the web must have been very difficult, for this it deserves my biggest congratulations.

In addition to this, however, the idea is not very original, it is a game of disarming with a time limit of a minute, rather little imaginative.

However it was done in 48h so it's a great result.

Brave choice, I also noticed this mechanic nad personally I do not share it because it makes the game extremely difficult after the first attempt, it should perhaps have been activated through a setting.

But being a 48h Jam is too much to ask.

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Very interesting idea, difficult and also well made (although sometimes it is impossible to hit an enemy because it is at the center of others).


All in Javascript, really?

Congratulations, I can't imagine how hard it was to make it happen.
The idea is also very interesting and above all impossible, I'm serious, I haven't even managed to reach what I believe was the first checkpoint.


It does not follow the theme in a very original way (one platform), but taken as a normal game it has a very interesting idea.

The execution is good and the character is very well done.


An interesting idea, perhaps it does not follow the theme much but certainly it was well done.


The idea is not very original and the execution either.

However being able to load a game that works well is a great achievement, congratulations.

Difficult with a cute pixel art and a working menu.

A great result for 48 hours of work.

The idea is not very original, but still congratulations on the result.

Beautiful graphics and many different weapons, enemies of sufficient intelligence and a difficulty that grows not too fast.

If we then add the working menu and much more it is definitely a great game for a Game Jam.
As for the idea, not very original but follows the theme and therefore I cannot criticize it.


If the goal is to kill all minors without one, I failed despite many attempts.

I really like minimal graphics and in this case it's good, the sounds, the menu and everything else are great.

Boring after a while, maybe with enemies of different types or other would have been better, but in 48h this result is already very advanced, congratulations.

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Very interesting idea, above all difficult, I managed to overcome only the first enemy.

The execution is excellent, you have not simply inserted skills with different damages, but each is affected differently, forcing you to plan very carefully what skills to use and when. It is this in my opinion that makes the game work very well.

Try experimenting again, something very interesting might come out.

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The same on Chrome.

I hope you enjoyed creating it anyway.