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good screen presumably the game is gonna be good

me too, cool game

I got to level 10 then it froze or something but it is nice. Playing with a keyboard trackpad was pretty painful but it is addictive.

it's nice, I like the aesthetics. reminds me of prince of persia but more pixellated

Thankyou for your nice message. I was just taking a break from working on a new game to look for games to play but I think that I will get back to work now so that there will be more good stuff. There is going to be a league of piss 2 as well but it's going to be a lot bigger than 1 so it will be fair amount of time before that comes out.

Caves of Qud community · Created a new topic playing

playing this game right now post in this thread if you are playing this game right now


my game card expires next year and I ain't renewing

I fixed it. it was because of the CDN like I said so you younknow what I did I just downloaded the file my SELFf

cdn won't load or some thing lol

wowee that was a year ago. I don't have a windows computer anymore, so I hope it will work for me, I am keen to see what has changed from the rough version I played ages ago

the options for what to spend money on are big gay, it would be a lot cooler if you could buy some kind of gun and / or an island and also a boat now that would be a good game

nice game. I liked the scene where they are flying the kite.

this game didn't really warrant the effort of also making a you died screen so I just made it close.

by the way I am still going to purchase lost and flounder when I get a job, I just haven't got one yet

if you watch the last second of harrpy potter, he actually dies but they sped it up so that the viewers wouldn't notice. in the contract that they signed with the authors of the book series, harry potter had to die in the movies but they didn't want to so they made it happen so fast that in the blink of an eye most fans did not notice but it is there and this has a lot of implications that we have not yet been considering

I ahve changed my mind, the athiest stuff is good because it shows the problem with the purple hat man's aspirations for world control or whatever

this game is an insult to god's image and I will be taking it down as soon as gives me back my admin priveleges


I have never played a computer game and I never will. Computer games made my brother a drug addict and tore my family apart. If I ever got the chance to grab a game designer by his tiny, tiny balls and cave his head in with an axe I would do it as easy as breathing.

That being said, this game is pretty nice, and the level design is interesting and it uhhhhhhhh "it's cheques don't bounce" or whatever the expression is.

nice game, I like the mushroom mechanic a lot

really thinks

I hacked this map from the android store been playing it for about 4 days real nice map, it's gonna look real nice in my collection, kid

69 days ago auspicious

all the things in the title about night weirds are not correct exactly

thankyou sir



nice illegal game I hope you go away for a long time

pretty sure it will work but give me a yell if you buy it and it doesn't work

Been experimenting with relaxation and this tool, seems to work but it keeps hyping me up to work!
This program is great, by the way, I didn't exactly invent it, I just implemented some wisdom from my tantric guru who invented this idea

very very nice indeed

really cool and original game,  nice

thankyou, yeah clarity of how to play seems to be something I need to work on :p

this actually looks really fantastic, I am very keen.

that's definitely not an instruction to rush though

thanks friend, weird thing about these kinds of games is that most people call it too hard, but some people tell me it's ridiculously easy :P

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nice game, though I wish you could tell when moving off the screen will mean death or just scrolling