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Dany Burton

A member registered Feb 22, 2016 · View creator page →


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Created a new topic nice map

I hacked this map from the android store been playing it for about 4 days real nice map, it's gonna look real nice in my collection, kid

69 days ago auspicious

all the things in the title about night weirds are not correct exactly

thankyou sir



nice illegal game I hope you go away for a long time

pretty sure it will work but give me a yell if you buy it and it doesn't work

Created a new topic Relaxing with a Rootbeer

Been experimenting with relaxation and this tool, seems to work but it keeps hyping me up to work!
This program is great, by the way, I didn't exactly invent it, I just implemented some wisdom from my tantric guru who invented this idea

very very nice indeed

Replied to ulvin in Salt Bug comments

very true

Posted in Hollow comments

good game. I particularly like the mirror image bits

really cool and original game,  nice

thankyou, yeah clarity of how to play seems to be something I need to work on :p

this actually looks really fantastic, I am very keen.

that's definitely not an instruction to rush though

thanks friend, weird thing about these kinds of games is that most people call it too hard, but some people tell me it's ridiculously easy :P

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nice game, though I wish you could tell when moving off the screen will mean death or just scrolling

Posted in Energy comments


the ammo and position management are cool mechanics

thankyou friend.
Technically yes, but it does take a while

nice game

Posted in Gggj

hahahhhhhhhhe yes!

Created a new topic Gggj
  1. dabebeebopoopoohi