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interesting concept, but the game crashed for some reason

a good puzzle game with a nice progression curve! i like the simple graphics! the mechanics were a bit confusing at first but i quickly got the hang of it!

really nice puzzle game, but it could've been any other things than dice, and the game would be the exact same. Overall, i really enjoyed playing it!

neat little game! it would've been nice if the animations ran a little faster, but i had a great time playing it!

the idea was interesting, the pixel art was really nice, but more sounds or some background music would've made the experience a bit better.

the music is relaxing, really nice for this kind of game! the dice-changing mechanic is interesting, but it's a bit hard to time jumps. fortunately, restarting is really fast, so it's not much of an issue!

a 3D view would've been nice, and i wish there were more levels, but overall i found the idea quite interesting.