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It still is a standalone, just in an unfortunately quiet phase of development.

100 years might be optimistic 👀

we’re still hard at work! I may have a new blog post soon.

MH is currently still in development!

A campaign & cutscene editor are certainly planned & absolutely necessary features both for MH and The Wrong Editor.

As much as I love Hotline Miami, I don’t think I have any interest in making more fan content after MH is completed.

We are definitely aiming to have MH’s player characters be able to fight all enemies and factions in the game, with some key exceptions. As of right now, I have put in a lot of work to ensure that it is relatively easy to add in new weapons and enemies into the roster of usable entities for a character/faction. It’s proven very valuable to our level design team to have as much freedom as we have time implement.

And thank you for the kind words, I hope that we will be successful as well. Regardless of whatever happens with this project, our hard work will not go to waste!

As of a couple days ago, our editor now has the capability to change pallets for individual enemies. This is currently done through the text files that save the levels, but a part of the current work I’m doing will be totally overhauling editor object editing so that you can change whatever detail you want about an enemy through the gui.

There are more than one faction which players will be able to fight in MH, yes. But what the other factions are is a spoiler!

Camera borders are included and are more customizable than in Hotline 2. The Son's LSD Filter is a different story entirely and probably won't make the cut for whatever version of the editor I release alongside The Miami Horror.

If a version of the editor releases alongside MH, then it will feature only the characters and enemies from MH. A later, standalone, release of the editor would feature Hotline 1/2 content.

It looking this good is the fruits of me working on it for years and taking this time to polish and perfect. The version of this game that I thought would be releasing in 2018 is not a game that anyone would actually have enjoyed or wanted to play.

The demo has been removed from the downloads due to being completely non-representative of how the game actually looks and plays at this point. There may eventually be redone demo in the future, but I strongly doubt I will. The time and effort needed to cut a build down to only contain the content of the demo would be too much to be worth it.

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No! The mod will still be completed, just probably not in October. Right now we're looking at Christmas as our backup release date, and I think I should be able to make that date if I don't goof around too much. :)

It's a play on H. P. Lovecraft's "The Dunwich Horror".