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First of all, thanks for all your work on this! I still have my CD for the original Windows port of the game (with all its issues) and yours is definitely the best way to play the game.

I noticed that there's still an issue with the framerate affecting gameplay though. I got to Level 4 for the first time and noticed... a lot of feet. It looked like there were a whole bunch of one-legged folks forming a conga line or something. That didn't seem quite right, so I looked at footage of the original version. There were still a bunch of legs but they only seemed to move half as fast, which made the level look a lot more playable. I'm still not sure if it's intended to have that many legs but at least I know it's not meant to be *that* difficult.

I went ahead and limited the game to 60 FPS through the nVidia driver settings. Normally I run at 240hz. Surprised the legs only seemed to be double speed though and not quadruple speed.

Anyway, do you think you could look at this and possibly other framerate-dependent issues?


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I found the issue. I was able to trace it to the gameloop timing code not immediately jumping to the next scene if frames are being skipped (thus causing the next level logic to run multiple times). It will be fixed in version 2.

Hmm, that shouldn't happen, but I'll try adding in a safeguard to prevent this from happening. Thanks!

I dig this and I'm tempted to make a fan sequel!

Thank you for making this! I'm glad my game was such an inspiration to you. :)