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A member registered Jan 04, 2020

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I definitely fell in love with this game, my friend didn't seem to be thrilled though. (I dragged him along for fun. He enjoyed it too.)  Love the effort you put into this Lixian, hope to see a lot more. <3 

I did like this game, definitely gave me some sort of chase Ao Oni Vibe. Keep up the amazing work.

My funniest playthrough of Siren Head ever. 

I had a lot of fun playing this.  Couldn't figure it out at first but I took another look later on.  Really enjoyed it. 

Had a lot of fun playing this game, it gave me the creeps when I could hear the creature moving around. Up until he actually charged after me.  The game overall was really good and worth the play.

I kept dying, I feel bad.  But had fun! <3

A  great game to end the year with. uwu. 

Definitely worth the play. A bit short but I enjoyed it none the less. <3 

H'ello comrades! I'm back with part 2 of this game in my channel. uwu.  Here's the second video. 

Hallo!  So this video wasn't supposed to be made but I did anyway as a little 2 part series.  I didn't know the game was updated when I downloaded it, and I felt meepers.  I was on the 0.11 I think before I realized it. I had fun making this video though! It was a lot of fun!

I had fun making edits for this game. I may have talked some fun smack but I really loved it. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get inside the building if there was another entrance. If I missed something, i'll gladly make a new video! <3 

I've never been more scared of playing an Indie game until I played this.  Loved it 100%

Morning N4BA!  I enjoyed this game very much, it definitely reminded me of a good show and there's a joke about it there too!  It kept me on my toes, and a new pair of pants every 5 minutes. <3 

Scary and creepy atmosphere, welcoming cabin and evil killer .  

Loved it overall and the ending surprised me. 

This one I had a blast with when I recorded it. I did this together with the first tape and I would love to see a third tape if possible in the future.  

I recorded this game and the second tape all together with an amusing edit profile for the second.    The game itself, amazing. The plot? AMAZING. Everything else? AMAZING. 

Funniest and scariest indie game to see so far. Loved it!

I uploaded this the other day and I had fun playing it!  10/10 on my scale. uwu 

I promised a second part! Here it is! 

Part one of 2 . I love this game a lot, played the first episode on the old version before updating it.  It's a solid masterpiece of a story in my opinion! I'd love to see a lot more of this. 

Definitely worth the 5 minutes of searching. <3. Loved it! 

The memories.. The pure..crazy..unadulterated MEMORIES!!! WAAAAAH NO CLOSET CHASE!  Love the project though, hope to see more! 

Oooh, You could add a reference to Mega Man Legends into the next episode or one of them!  The theme to that little shopping center near the beginning of the first game!  That would be a wonderful reference!

I gladly give this game five stars,  it's worth the hype and definitely a masterpiece on its own.   The style reminds me of Megaman Legends, concerning the art style and it has a very nice feel to it. 

Once the next episode releases, i'll be playing that too. <3 Love the intro!

Pretty much the funniest, and perfectly balanced random game i've played.  Absolutely fabulous <3  I enjoyed every second of it! 

I have to get away from Phil..I gotta run, gotta escape.. He's right behind me, always watching..ALWAYS...TEARING... RIP AND TEAR... 3 ...Scary...GAAAAAMES!!!!  

Loved this game by the way, I will probably do a solo video on it to see about the endings. 

I tried this game out and I was not disappointed at all. The atmosphere was something similar to when I played Amnesia almost and I enjoyed it very much! 

I really enjoyed this game, it made it into my 3 Scary Games bit which it came as the first game.  <3 

Wake up...drink coffee...check out back...TV..sleep, repeat...Wake out back. GET SUCKER PUNCHED!  LOL. I loved, absolutely loved the different ending plots. What got me was the Alien invasion and how every moment played out! 

This game is very scary, very frightening when you finally see the creature. I loved playing it though. Wish I could have put a big red button on the F key for every time I died. xD  

I was very intrigued by this game, and the story behind the scenario made the event much more interesting.  The fact that there's a multiple ending decision makes this game pretty unique in the Indie Catagory. Well thought and enjoyable! 

I know this may be a bit late. But, this game brought some memories and some much needed inspiration to finish a series I must continue.  Loved the work and the idea brought into it. <3 

This is a game of Siren Head that I can say is very enjoyable and provides a cataclysm of different outcomes.  The story that is told through the notes you find will give you an insight of what happened to the rangers. 

The gameplay mechanics are very well thought and offer a challenging scenario for where if you do not conserve your stamina for the right moment; you may not make it alive. 

The fact that Sirenhead actually picks you up to eat you? I enjoyed that very much for it gives a chance to fear the creature, be afraid of it more so we can escape again and again.

I loved this game, and will make another video on it when I can! <3 

Oh how I enjoy my time doing hard work for the CULT. Loved the game. uwu  Enjoyed every bit of it! 

I will do reviews for other things you have too!

Very Well! Let's see how far I go till Siren Head comes for my bum bum! 

I really love this game and will play it many times to look for certain things.  It's an amazing  horror game thus far for an indie series. 

I do not favor the lack of a checkpoint, but that's alright since there is so much to see! Ya never know when the big boi will show himself! 

There is one glitch where he appears out of nowhere when I got near the path to the tower, that scared me! <3 

I played this game over a few times and every instant I got into the game, I am immediately reminded of Silent hill, and I can hear the soundtrack in my head as i'm going through the bloodied path, expecting to be tortured by the voices. This game is absolutely wonderful and I give it a 10 star rating. DANNIBUS GAMING APPROVED <3 

I just finished playing this game and will do more videos on it. It's very fun! I enjoy the intensity and the difficulty of each customer as you get more shelves filled. I also enjoy running from the manager as he chases you.  Hope to see updates to this game in the future! It's awesome! 

Had fun playing this! Reminds me a lot of SCP scenarios and can definitely be considered as such. I suppose we can call him SCP-5173  So it almost sounds like Siren.