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Oh you’re a godsend, this game was taken off of its original page for some reason so thank you for re-uploading it

is gud should win

this will work btw

I had that issue, download the itch app onto your computer and you will be golden

never mind I went out to the water

So this will sound dumb, but I can only find 2 explore orbs, one from the forest, and one from the lake, but not from parking lot. I explored the map for like 20 minuets and can't find it. help? 

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hi! Thanks for your response, I’ve unzipped it already installed it in uninstalled it a few times but it keeps saying that it can’t find unity, I have an older windows converted to a 10 maybe that’s the issue?

Evolution community · Created a new topic How do I start

I don't know how to run it