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Just discovered this from your last tweet. Any chance for an OSX version?

Any chance of an OSX version? I would like to have a try. :)

Awesome! Wil try it later for sure. :)

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I really enjoyed my first run with it, the driving difficulty is just right and satisfactory. Love the overall feeling!

Time for bug reporting: I have some issues with menu controls. I couldn't highlight "SELECT" when choosing a car. Then I linked a mouse to the laptop, clicked randomly, and it went on... No cursor was showing up anyways. Also I couldn't figure out how to change weather. One last thing: how do you reverse?

Great work anyways, will follow for sure. Hope in an OSX or iOS release later on!

Agree with Tuiat, this game is super nice (reminds me of Undertale) but very frustrating to play with the mouse only. Windows 98 already had keyboard shortcuts for pressing buttons. :P

This is beautiful. Can't wait to play! :D

I definitely love this little game. Thanks. <3