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This is nice

i am open for ideas :) what other office related activities can you think of?

RPG Paper Maker community · Created a new topic Just wow :O

This is such a great tool. I have been toying around with it for some days and I am really impressed. 

One idea for your roadmap: As you already have a web export and mouse input ready - you could also add support touch input from mobile devices.

thank you!

oh i guess the game doesn't work with AWSD then? :D


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Great entry, congratulations! Great visuals and sound! Can I ask something technical: In my WebGL build I noticed that a bug occurs in the Firefox browser as soon as I lock the mouse. Basically the camera just starts spinning like crazy. So I'm wondering: did you use any dark magic to work around this? If you have no idea what I'm talking about: never mind. I'll figure it out :D

Thank you! The idea with the barrels came to me in the last hours of the Jam. I think they should become a central part of the mechanics. Would make it less repetititv

I enjoyed playing this a lot! Loved the precise controls. 

This moment when you are suddenly ashamed of your own entry... 

Still, congratulations, great entry! :D

Cool Idea. Cute Rocks :)

Nice idea and works well with the theme! It would certainly be easier to play if the camera did not rotate. The scream is intense. Wow! :D All in all: great entry!

This is REALLY great. It is surprising how quickly the mechanic becomes very intuitive.

This is REALLY great. It is surprising how quickly the mechanic becomes very intuitive.


now i know what you mean :D it seems to be a bug in firefox

Great idea! As others have already pointed out: with some work on controls and camera this can be really addictive.

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Great visuals, sounds and music! On my first run I missed to read the instructions and couldn't read them later. Maybe add a button in the main menu to review instructions?

Congrats on the highscore! And to be honest: I don't expect to get a good score in the "theme" category ;) but I wanted to do this game anyways. Post jam I plan to do more levels with obstacles and so on. 

thought exactly the same. nice idea, music and graphics! great, limited scope for a jam also. with better controls this can be really nice. or maybe I just don't know how to steer? it is just AWSD, right? there is no instruction.

thanks for your nice comment :) maybe for the next jam i'll try to spend more time on gameplay and less time on visuals :D

wasn't your ship's momentum absorbed by energy fields? maybe it is a bug?

great ideas. thanks :)

I agree: there need to be some larger goals. I am open for ideas :)

What do you mean? It should behave like any other first person game. You are using your mouse to look around. 

check the status. "under development". i labeled it idle game for that you know that it is going to be an idle game. 

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love this :)

not yet: i just started yesterday :D


i didn't know what a troll mechanic is. now i do. interesting concept for a gamejam!

The Troll Jam community · Created a new topic Troll?

Internet troll or mythical troll? So what is the deal? :)

Thanks for your nice comment! I hope your concussion has not affected you in your daily life. If you want to follow my game you can do it here on or Twitter or Instagram

i got great feedback from you on my game and I try to give a little bit of that back. your concept is super interesting. but i had a hard  time understanding the rules of the game. two ideas on how you might improve that and make your game easier to grasp:

1. reduce the instruction page to the most important stuff. at the moment it is really a big wall of text :) 

2. a gif or short animation at the beginning showing how to correctly zap a stone

Hi William, thanks and I guess that is the way to go then. I was hoping for some existing solution as my web development skills are close to not existing :)

Yes, that is right. I was hoping might have something  in place like checking the IP or delaying the key claiming. And as I can create keys in bulk I would not really mind someone spending hours to claim a few hundred keys.

I would like to give-away Oculus Keys for a free game with Itch.Io - am I right to assume this is not possible?  In my case I can not use the option "0.00 or donate" (because it is for a non-profit organization which can't allow payments).

Thanks in advance!