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Thanks for your kind words and taking the time for the detailed feedback. I’m very glad you liked the mood I was going for as that was my main focus in those three hours. Cheers.

thanks! glad, you liked it :)

Happy to hear you enjoyed it :) yeah, maybe I’ll build a mobile game jam bundle some day :D

haha, very good :D Hope you enjoyed it :)

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it :)

That is very nice to hear :D Cheers.

Thanks, mate. I’m glad you enjoyed it :)

It looks great, it feels great, the idea’s great. In short… it’s great! The double jump needs some work, but holy shit did you deliver within the 3 hours.


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You really set the bar high with the visuals, the gameplay is struggling to be on par. But for 4 hours this is mightily impressive and you should be very proud!

Congrats :)

Haha, I love it!

Simple setting nicely executed. Congrats :D

God, I suck at this… why can’t I stop playing?

Congrats on an amazing entry!

Congrats on the game :D I don’t feel the apology at the end is called for. Getting anything shippable to run in 3 hours is a major achievement. Polish comes with time and experience.

That’s quite a lot of work you put into the game! Congrats on finishing it :)

Congrats on the game! Really well done for 3 hours :)

Superbly done! I am surprised how people manage to do engaging level design for puzzles within 3 hours?! Congrats :D

I actually flipped my keyboard around :D Good job, congrats!

I actually flipped my keyboard around :D Good job, congrats!

Very cool puzzle game! This is really well thought out for 3 hours, congrats!

This is absolutely gorgeous. I started out with high expectations and enjoyed every minute of it.

I just wanted to let you and the team know you did an amazing job and if you ever decide to translate it into German I am happy to help.


Now that's a donut with some personality!

Cheers :) That's actually a good idea! Thanks for that.

Thank you so much for playing it. I checked out the trailer for Arrival and was surprised I'd never heard of it before. I mean it stars Jeremy Renner! Anyway, their sprayed orbs look awesome and I'll be watching it tonight :D

Thanks for the info. Version 1.1 is now up and running.

Obviously put a lot of thought into level design. Really good job :) I believe there's a bug if you're touching the wall while shooting it counts as a touch, but I may be wrong. Anyways, for two days time you have deserved yourself some goodies for what you created.

Fair enough. I'll try and sneak it past regulations anyway :)

That is a very distinct line I am happy to discuss over a beer or two :D I hope you enjoyed it anyway

I agree it's a little out there. Yes, I managed to fuck up  the collisison a couple hours before submit ^^ there's a fix already waiting to be deployed after the rating period. I'm glad you enjoyed it nonetheless :)

That means a lot. Seriously.

Thanks a lot :) and thanks for playing

Before even starting the game I was already blown away by how solid the menu and shop looked. Does your body not need any sleep?! Very cool game, good job.

Beautiful. Charming intro with a great transition. I appreciated the concept how you had to manage what you were carrying to see which gun you can shoot. Added a lot of depth to the strategy.

My only suggestion for improvement is the control scheme. I instinctively used the arrow keys, which only work sideways and my brain did not want to compute the space bar as a means to reach the higher level and 's' to get back down again ^^

Cosmetics on an otherwise stellar entry! Really good job, you guys more than deserve a beer now!

The sprites are gorgeous. Looks and plays delicious. Good job!

Ha. This is awesome, I really enjoyed this. The concept feels pretty slick and the cover image looks brilliant. Is your sound guy really called "James Hammond"? He sounds like a motor enthusiast.

That was intense, I *really* felt awesome after rolling aside and shooting up the enemy. Plus, some cute cutscenes :)

Thank you, Patricia :) Everything that moves was done within Unity. For the main elements I wrote a shader that interpolates between three HDR colors based on the offset by the noise texture I grabbed off of Eduardo Roa. You can check them out on my Github.

Thank you so much. I cannot take credit for soundtrack, though. That goes to Kai Engel and his awesome habit of uploading creative commons. You are right about the missiles of course, I'll update that after the rating phase.

Thank you so much. Yes, I kinda ran out of time by the end and introduced that collision issue with my sloppiness ^^  I'll upload version 1.1 next weekend after the gamejam rating is done. 

Thanks, though I can't take credit for that. Check out Kai Engel's youtube channel. He's got a lot of epic creative commons.

Thank you. Yes, I kinda ran out of time by the end and introduced that issue with my sloppiness ^^  I'll upload version 1.1 next weekend after the gamejam rating is done.