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ah well it does look cool with that style!

This would be great for a Jurassic Park styled metroidvania, I know it isn't well liked but JP2: The Chaos Continues comes to mind, as it was one of my favorite games growing up on the snes...

Sounds like 007 music!  pretty cool!

This is pretty sweeeet!!!

SWEEEEEET Fireworks yo!

Probably gonna add these into my Doom Modlist lol

These are great Thanks many times over!

please make this run offline , i have a second pc my young children play on with no internet.

This tool is DEEEP Bruuuhhhh  !  lol I like it!

Add the option to recolour the grid and I will immediately switch to this tool for my simple projects it has a simple hotkey reconfig and that is the main sell here that part needs to stay intact, This has the makings of a great program !  just keep it slim but add some QOL like grid colouring and resizing the canvas on the fly!  Happy Programming!

Do you know what ?  I have been downloading generated sprites from this Alien Bones for an hour and have yet to see a reproduction!  I know this is my new go to for generated on the fly shapes!   Can you please add a function to undo the new seed function?  That would be a real cool feature I have yet to see!

Morpheus community · Created a new topic This is hope !

GBA probably is one of my top three favorite consoles, I have hopes that this will oneday evolve into full on efforts to make a GBstudio styled maker for the GBA.  

PS1 & DOOMENGINE games are my other two platforms I like!

Please consider doing a downloadable version for those of us that live far removed from high speed internet access.  I would deeply appreciate this !

  I am trying to figure out a reason to use it... but until it is out of alpha , I will wait and watch the comments here , unless I find a good reason to use this...  I might try it on a FPS game or something...

Everyone here is now under Procedural Generated Arrest By a guy with an axe and he is happy ...  lol!

Please add a hotkey to L for New Lighting...  

PS.  This is a great tool!  I wish I could download it to use on my offline Dev Rig...  =)

Heck yeah !  Hows about some Fiddling with shotgun pump and different style reloading sounds?  things like "frantic mishandling reload" , "better reload" , and "perfectly quick reload"?  lol  I am a gun enthusiast and I love the idea here of using the real guns to get the recordings!  

I think this game looks Great!  It's abstract enough, but also not too far from the source material to be cheesy ...  well at least more cheesy than Mario should indeed be! haha  My thumbs are both up !

Cool tracks!

I knew I wasn't the only one whom loved this game!  lol thanks!

This is a near shot to what I REALLY WANT REALLY BAD!  An open world metroid prime with nearly no barriers!  lol  Cool game!

Looks fun!

This asset is beautiful!

This is too much fun, ILLEGAL!  lol

These Graphics are purdy rad duuude!  I downloaded yer stash and I'll be a tinkerin' .  Thanks!

np !

 I will purchase if I see an update I see you are working on this tool, you are answering your messages and that is very good!

Better than the Luigi creepy pasta ...  I think they called it "The Luigi Mansion" ...  lol

Thanks so much!  I am a big fan of this style, and you do it well!

This little skelle looks sweet dude!  please do more inspired like this!  

The work I see here looks amazing!  I hope to use them to tinker around with.  If I use them for anything more I will donate$.

No problem thank you for posting this!  I am a broke guy but if I wind up making anything cool I will share it with you.

I am going to be playing with these tracks in my games maybe speed up/ slow down is that cool?  I will link this page.

this is an artistic design only nothing more :)

Now I too can play with cardboard boxes!  (sneaks away under a box)

I downloaded this so i may use it in the future,  i screenshot the user name to credit i hope this is fine.   

I like this music pack,  it gives off to me what can only be described as happy Saturday morning cartoon and cereal vibes!