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Viajante dos Sonhos

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Yeah :3

Ty buddy, i am dedicaed and audacious

Some programmer need a paint artist ? ,i really terrible in code,someone wants mine style of art ? if yes ,use Discord and found me with nick 


you and one more,two more,tree more or four more play together ,after the game jam i'll write one more clean document of rules ,i am in rush of serch jobs and try pay one pos gratuation theses weeks,hard times to me ok

Celiaak ok , is rock paper sciccors with the 3 symblos i create , the table can work overclock or counter clock

Want a pixel artist spinningcubes ?

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Greetings people 

I'm Daniel and i need a programmer ,i suck in code and i need evolation more in art ,so if anyone need a pixel artist  call me in Discord ,i'm TheThinker ?

Ty buddy :) ,enjoy the game

Eu jogei e gostei bastane Diego,segue de volta e bora trocar umas ideias locas ,é um jeito novo de joagr pac-man e curti bastante


I'm translating to another languades now, english its avaible and portuguese too

Man how russian languade its hard

All Games,Musics and Arts are free ,really i have many games,music packs and now 2D basic art all FREE,

all mine games are focused on tabletop, one mobile also free and its a prototype and one java game also free too