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Daniel Omine

A member registered Jun 17, 2019

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Sorry, i'm noob into this CNC world.
After watch the youtube video instructions i figured out how to make it work.
Now, i need to know how to configure the Offset X, Y and the area limit, also, the size of the image to be printed/carved.
I'm using GRBL software.
I will open new topic about this specific new question.

Thank you

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I tried to run the trial version but nothing worked, even the sample images.
And then, i decided to purchase the full version. 
However, the full version also do not work. The result of G-Code export is all the same  like the trial version

Don't matter what image i test, will generate this same result:

( Generated By: PixelCNC v1.33a, Post: GRBL Inches.txt v1.00 )
G20 G90 G91.1
( End Program )

Is this a bug or miss configuration?
I just used all default settings. 

Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Appreciate any support.
Thank you.