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Dani Greene

A member registered Jun 09, 2020

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Love this game! The aesthetics are incredible and I've been enthusiastically watching development on twidder. My one gripe is; could you please add mouse sensitivity settings? Also you can walk thru the first gate in map01 and grab the machine gun before you can press the lever.

it's a been short year

thank you minecraft historian steve

Many thanks! Should have mentioned that I'm really enjoying it thus far! A great addition to the resident evil-like games. I can't wait for more content as I've had this game in the back of my mind waiting for more updates!

Can you please add a mouse sensitivity feature, the current sensitivity is pretty high compared to what I'm used to.

The art style is so cute and the songs are just as great.

Had a lot of fun playing this! Will there be any subsequent updates?

I was thinking of getting into using GB Studio, but I would also really like to use this software, is there any way to export as GB Studio's supported .mod file?

AHHHH! I can't wait! What song should I try?

Haven't touched on it yet, very new to this software! But I will post when I create something clever!

That would be super!

Thank you! Would you be able to add a playlist feature maybe so that way you when you extract to rom it can play more then just 1 song?

FamiStudio community · Created a new topic FDS ROM extract!

Please add a feature to export them as .fds somehow! I'm a huge fan of this project and will be using FamiStudio for my Disk System projects. I would love to see it!