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Thanks for playing! You definitely exploited some of the poor level design haha.

Glad you like it!

Really fun game with really unique visuals. I enjoyed it :)

Kudos to you for making so many interesting levels. The game mechanics are really innovative. Great job!

Really cool atmosphere and mood. Loved the graphics and the mechanics were really interesting and thought-out. Nice!

Really deep gameplay and polished game. Love the visuals and audio. Mindblowingly good game!

I'm not familiar with micro management games but it reminds me of oxygen not included. I didn't get too far into the game but it is really polished and the sound effects are great. So much work must have gone into this! Great game :)

Beautiful artwork and atmosphere. The gameplay is really interesting and innovative. 

Really well-designed mechanics and good progression. New mechanics are introduced just as I got used to the previous one. Nice visuals too. :)

Great visuals and audio. Controls were simple but I didn't really use the teleportation that much. Nice game!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the game flow and logic really took a hit, but I'm happy with how it looks visually and the outcome of the basic mechanic! 

Will definitely continue working on the game once I get the time. :)

Here's mine!

I'll check yours out too!

haha sure :)

Cool concept! Feel like having the bulk of gameplay being shooting the ground can't be too deep but it seems cool. Nice

I enjoyed this game so much! The post processing and overall visual design was fantastic. I was hooked! The audio effects complemented the visuals really well too. One of my favorite games of the jam!

Question: if a crew member is "not feeling too great" and head off on an expedition, are they not able to see? That's what happened to me once. 

A really good game all around. Really reminds me of super meat boy. 

Graphics were nicely made and mechanics are well used with new obstacles being introduced at a good pace. 

Nice! :)

Quite addictive, but furthest I could get was wave 4. Ended up using the basic tower as meat shields by the 5th wave haha. Love the gameplay. 

Sound effects for shooting were so nice. Artwork was really nice too and fit the entire mood and aesthetic of the game. 

I enjoyed it! Really fun game! :)

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Really fun game with great artwork and character designs. The movement and shooting mechanics are a bit stiff but otherwise, it feels great to move around and shoot. 

The boss battle was quite trivial once I found a spot where I could just stand and shoot, jumping when needed. 

Overall, a wonderful game! I enjoyed playing it. :)

Nice simple concept! Should probably prevent enemies from spawning on top of you though haha

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Is it just me, or is this game extremely difficult. There was a huge difficulty spike at level 4 and then at level 6 (which is where I rage quit). The problem I have with the enemies on level 6 are that they can change speed and direction with no indications, they can spawn right next to you if you are near the boundaries, and there are a little too many of them. Gameplay is simple, but god damn is it difficult. I can't imagine how hard the boss would be hahaha.

The animations and artwork look great! Really cool animation for the player ship when starting a level. 

Amazing artwork! Love the animation of the little vacuum at the beginning!

Gameplay was quite slow-paced but I grew to enjoy it. Mechanics of batteries are interesting and the rocket head was confusing to use at first but once I got the hang of it, it was really fun to just fling my head really high up and teleport to it haha.

Great game! :)

Had a run ending bug happen twice, which would push my character into the wall and getting stuck in the wall. First time happened after I got hit by an enemy and second time happen when I exited a crypt. The movement speed was also a little too fast, I managed to just zoom past all the enemies. 

Looks like a really nice game and the art style gives me classic pokemon vibes. The soundtrack was really pleasant to listen to too. 

Nice game! :)

Nice simple concept. Love the sound effects and audio design in the game. Also the blobs look really cute haha :)

I do have a few minor issues. The camera angle made it awkward. Couldn't really see what was ahead of me on the horizon, as well as making side dashing really weird. Also, sometimes I would have to search the entire level for one final enemy. 

Overall a fun little game. :) Nice job

Thanks for the feedback! 

Yeah, I couldn't think of an idea until 2 days before the deadline. I'm definitely invested in the idea and will add more depth into the gameplay. And I agree, the game looks great :)

I'll check out your game too!

Thanks! That stretch effect took me quite a while to do, so I'm glad you noticed it. :)

Hahaha thank you! Yup, I think a tutorial would have helped. 

Thanks for playing and giving me some feedback!

Well when I was adding the music last minute, I couldn't hear anything haha. Figured I would just leave it. Didn't know it would be heard in the actual build!

Thanks for the feedback! 

Yeah, I agree that it should have been more intuitive. Will definitely try to improve that in the future. 

Thanks so much for the feedback. Yup I had to account for the addition of gravity, so that all the planets aren't bunched together at the start. Glad you enjoyed it! 


I intend to improve on it, when I do I'll definitely put out those versions

Ahhh... haha damn, didn't realize the hint was in English. For some reason, thought it was representing some symbols or Russian. 

Just finished it, great game! Pretty enjoyable. Thanks for the hints.


  • Simple platformer that works. 
  • Great parallax effect with the background and foreground. 
  • Good progression in terms of introducing new mechanics (falling platforms, varying enemies)


  • Some sprites have varying pixel density, feels a little jarring
  • Sound effect for shooting the gun had clipping (not pleasant to listen to)

Overall a pretty decent game with a few minor inconveniences!  :)

I've gotten the screw driver and flash light (seen the ominous message), but not sure which plates to place where and why. :/

The buttons I was referring to were the 4 colored buttons. 

Great innovative puzzles! I really like each of the new mechanics, especially the portal. I do wish there were one or two more levels for each mechanic. 

The text based art style worked great too. Nice!

Strangely addictive. Having the prices of each item go up slightly really enticed me to just go for one or two more runs to get enough coins to unlock the upgrade. But the upgrade itself makes me want to try it out, which turns out allows me to go deeper into the mines. Found it hard to put down. Great in terms of gameplay. There is a small issue I have with the attack and rope input being the same key, sometimes would take the ropes up or down instead of attacking an enemy)

Artwork and music were both really nice, love the pixel art. 

Nice game :)

Very nice aesthetic and I liked to listen to the classic piano playing on the radio as I tried to figure out the puzzle. I don't usually play puzzle games, so deciphering the morse code was quite a challenge but I managed to get the gist of each of the messages (although, I didn't know how to apply two of them). 

[Spoilers ahead maybe]

The colored buttons had me stumped and I somehow managed to get past there by randomly trying permutations. At this point its been over 2 hours and I think I've given up. 

Bit hard for me but I like the gameplay and mood. :) 

absolutely beautiful hahaha

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