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Isaiah Kelly

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How can you play this? I can't find a download link on the game page!

Yay it works now! Thanks for re-uploading it. Neat game you got there. The music reminds me of "A Bugs Life" for PS1 :)

Fun little game! Love the choices you put in there :)

Does it have to be an install? I'd really prefer just an exe or zip. There's also a bug that cause the screen to become scrambled. At least I think it's a bug?

I can't open the zip for windows. Downloaded size looks correct, but 7zip says it cant open it. Maybe it didn't get uploaded completely?

What an awesome idea for a game :) It feels surprisingly accurate to GB office. Really love it! Might be a bit too easy, but I'd rather it too easy than too hard. Stealth is difficult to do anyway. I'm curious, did you use a trigger or a raycast for player detection?

Hmm... I can run the fixed version of your game, but input (keyboard & mouse) seems to be unresponsive at the main menu, so I can't start the game.

That was pretty great. Simple but fun. Nice work. Impressive work for a newbie :)