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dangerman 4434

A member registered Jun 21, 2020

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yep and he was like u will never get my boxes of captain crunch and i was like too late b$tch

i f$cking love cinamon toast crunch

i have found a glitch in chaos mode when i put oui oui in the christmas level oui oui dont move but when he sees me he will chase me but whene he lost me he will return where he was and be lasy again

now u know why i hate tomatos sinces my childhood

this my grandpa after death

whell yes it is my computer

this is my grandma after getting 10 diereas

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so if i understand whene you where making that game your cable frozed

i would more call the game sistercrusher

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i was drinking a can of orange soda while i was playing this game

that baby desreves to die

i was eating a bowl of captain crunch while i was playing this game

lanky lonky looks really cute

first of all you are an amazing drawer second of all LANKY LONKY AND DONGLE ARE FRIENDS

does it do the same thing in the oder maps

will atcabb caust money

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let me tell you my challenge 1 extreme bojin 3 normal boofies 1 tinrea 3 oui oui 1 blitz 3 zipper 2 boofie plush 2 delete data droid 1 hard kinetic image in the christmas level on fever dream mode but remember you can only play it in your new video of boofies bunker it is called bloody christmas

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does that mean that dave .EXE will come to itch . io

dave . EXE came out 2 months ago

wow nice 2 meet you and i got a boofies bunker challenge for your next video of boofies bunker

good chaos is that you

you probebly dindt make a profile on

just wanted to make shure sorry

i am asking my self the same question

we dont know even dave does not know

if i pay 10$ dollars to dave will i be able to play dave .EXE

where can i install dave . EXE

will atcabb be on

i am sad that the game caust money

what an amazing drawing

it says that the game as a new uptade but what are the new things

it could be cool if the others from stfbts in old school mode where here but DUL is steel here

thanks for the anser dude

hey dave your new game dave . EXE looks amazing

does that mean around the clock will never be releast

i am asking my self the same question

this is your first game that i saw

can u pls help me i dont know where to download around the clock at bikini bottom

sorry to say this but i wanted to give ideas too but he sais that he dont take suggestion so he cant i know its dumb