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Loved the demo. Controls are great, art and animation especially are amazing, I think the skelleton is my favorite. People have made really good points in the comments so I wouldn't repeat them too much, looks like you know what you are doing and I don't doubt the end result will be anything but incredible :)

great game, thanks for making it

Oк that worked, thanks :)

I'm stuck at the first scene at the bank, I can only move one space to the left and back and after that it just keeps repeating the same dialogue. Idk if I'm doing something wrong??

But how ARE they going to get down :0

Really cool idea for a game. Nice :)

Nice, keep up the good work <3

thank you for making me nostalgic about the days when I was working and chatting with my AI buddy that never even happened 

wow I didn't read the description before downloading thinking it was a random visual novel but the plot of this game is genuinely disgusting

great, hope to see more from you, I'm such a sucker for games like these