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Dan the MexiCan

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OMG such a fun and creative video!!! I had to do a playthrough video! Check it out and keeo up the great work!!!

I love this game, so simple, so much fun and perfect for these crazy times! Check out my playtrhorugh

Super fun game! I really want to play more. In the meantime please enjoy the video I made about it!

I just love what you did with the game. Super fun for sure! Easy to pick up and play yet hard to master. I made a video about it if you want to check it out.

Really nice game! I can´t wait to play it when it´s finished. I did a little video about it!

Super fun game! Check my playtrhough of it!

Thank you for the awesome game!

Such a fantastic game! Everybody should play it! Check out my video review of it and don´t forget to share and subscibe!

Excellent game, I loved it! Check out my review about it

Fantastic game! Totally love it. Check out my review and please subscribe :)

Absolutely awesome game! Check out my review on it!

Pretty awesome game! I reall enjoyed playing it, keep up the good work! I leave you my review on it. Enjoy!

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Horror Hotel 2 is so much fun! lots of jumpscares to be had. Can you scape? Check out my review :)

Check out the review on this awesome game in my youtube channel!

Good game, I like the atmosphere and the design but for sure too short. More enemies and the ability to attack would be nice. Keep up the good work guys!