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HEY! thanks for the awesome video and the hilarious dead pan seriousness to your commentary. glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for the compliments!

i'm sorry about all the problems that were had, the game is in a very glitchy state but i'm very happy for the video either way! it was great

thank you so much for the video! the segment at the end is great! love to get such great detailed feedback! as its my first game its always nice to know what the players think. thank you for a great video!

hi! and sorry for the late reply! i take all of these critiques close to me and i will remember to think about them when i make my next game! so thank you for the video and all of it! 

thank you so much for the awesome video and funny gameplay! sorry about the lightning! c: 
and thank you for all the kind words too! 

thank you so much! it means a lot to heat that!

thank you so much, music and sound is what i know the best, so its very nice having it being complimented!

thank you for an amazing video and comments! it means a lot to me

hi, i'm sorry about that, i don't know why that happens..

thank you for the video and kind words! it means a lot

thank you for the video and support! 

thank you so much for the kind words and the video! it means a lot!

i was fiddling a lot around with tools, my original intention was to only use 3d paint to limit myself for the 3d models, and use ms paint for textures. though with a lot of technical difficulties i made a mix between using blender and 3d paint and asesprite. thank you so much for the compliments and video, it means a whole lot for me.

thank you so much!

Thank you so much for the feedback, sadly i can't update or fix it up on the game as i don't have my rig anymore. but for future projects i will definitely remember this. thank you for the video 

i don't know which engine you uses, or what you specifically mean by graphics, but for the rendering i used ps1 post rendering effect in unreal engine through a youtube tutorial. and for the general looks i used blender for the meshes (spent minimal times modeling as its my worst field, but i think it added to the general looks) and for the textures i used asesprite.

yeah, i thought it would be fun to have some physics in the game, to loosen up the mood and keep it fun and enjoyable. thank you so much for the feedback and the support, and kind words. and thank you for playing!

thank you so much, and sorry for the vr thingie, glad you went so far just to try the game, loved the video, so i dropped a like!

thank you for such nice compliment and such an amazing video, enjoyed it a lot!

thank you so much! love the video and your style, it was a blast to watch and i left you a like for support! keep up the good work my man

hey, sorry about that glitch at the end where the axe didn't work on the boss, it appear to happen rarely, and i have personally never encountered it while playtesting, so i'm so sorry that happened. otherwise, thank you for the kind words, and the awesome playthrough

thank you for the feedback! i appreciate it a lot! and thank you for playing my dumb game!

ah oh my what a funny reaction, i'm full aware that the jumpscare is cheap, but its just so funny

enjoyable video! fun to watch and thank you for the kind words!

ahaha, it was really funny to watch you break the game! so funny to have someone abuse the physics! there is a reason they are in the game c: but yes, thank you for the funny video!

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loved the thing with the camera! it blew my mind!

loved the playthrough! glad you liked it.

Very sorry for the glitches, the clipping is something im struggling to patch. its in the description that "esc" quits the game, but i could have made that more clear, other than that, thanks for the fun video!

honestly all the kind words brought me on the edge of tears. i'm honoured for all the kind words, and i too had a blast watching your video and reactions and editing. as a one man's project it means so much to hear all the compliments, and praise for the song i recorded always surprises me lmao. love your style and vibe!

ah, you have such an nice energy to your video. thank you for your kind words, and thank you for such a lovely video

loved the gameplay, had a blast watching it, thank you for the kind words, love and support! peace!

oh man, thank you so much for playing it, i had a blast watching you play, and i love your style and theme. i am  working hard to add an extension to the game, so its a shame i didnt make it for your video. anyway, thank you again! 

the song is added in the description! c: 

working on it!

ah yeah sorry for that, i released a patch that would fix the low chance of it not working, but im glad you enjoyed playing it. and thanks for an entertaining playthrough, that JoJo reference got me hard.

It was a joy watching you play the game, thank you so much for the praise, and thank you for such nice entertainment!

AA thank you for such an fun and amazing playthrough, i just patched the game with some minor tweaks, but glad you didnt run into any problems. and also, those on the pictures are just my friends, theres one of me but you skipped it ^^ i want to make the game a tad longer, so thanks for the idea of using the axe to kill the slender dude. ill try to make an explanation to the slender-guy in the game. again thank you for everything!.

hey! sorry for the glitch with the door. all of the doors are supposed to open fully when interacted with. im working on it to make them work consistently across all pc's. thanks for the feedback and the video!

Haha Thank you! it was fun making and fun seeing you enjoying it.

i've been taking notes of stuff that you had difficulties with. so thanks for the feedback in the video!

hey! amazing gameplay! really fun to watch.

shame you ran into the glitch that makes the game crash on the jumpscare, trying to get that fixed. thanks for playing!