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I know.It's called arguing and misunderstanding.I'm just used saying it as 'fight'.

Just a few last sentence though to break it thru..for me.I agreed with you saying it need to be fix and yea it's a granny ripoffs.I'm just pissed when you say the dev was lazy and when you say we just saying the game is 'cool' don't know what a 'review' is.That's all.

Ok that's enough.This fight will go nowhere.Just keep with decision then.

And you think you're too mature to say that people don't know what a review is?

Another positive and calm player.Heyyo!Greetings from Malaysia.

Wow you're really have something with me do ya bastard?

I don't play your game but I know it's ok and not bad and keep up the good work.(The reason I don't play is because my computer won't let me😂)I hope what those two bastards(and more)below review doesn't cut your spirit.Just know me and other positive and nice people are here for you!And I hope you do much better work for your future project.Never give up and keep up the good work!




Jeez calm down.I know it's bad and have a rough here and there but we need to give the developer a's not easy to make games you know.And I'm not agreeing with people say the game is cool and perfect I just agreeing to them thinking positive and give the game a chance even though it's not good like other games.Think positive will ya and stop thinking bad of other people.And make sure before you judge me you judge yourself first.And yes I know what a review is but can you just give a nice review?Like.."The game is good but it have a weak point and need to be fixed but it's fine it's not that bad.Keep up the good work I hope to see a much better project soon." 

No need to be hastille buddy.I'm sure he didn't mean to be mean.

How you now that my name is Damia..🤣🤣🤣🤣

I thought it going to be invincible😁😂😂

now that the spirit.

I love how positive and calm you are. <3 

Jeez calm down dude!Stop being a jerk try to appreciate the hard work will ya?

I'm not winning a side or whatever but really it's not that easy to make games like these you know?

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Why can't I played it?????