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Thanks a lot for commenting and for the nice words! Yeah you are right about it being a bit repetitive, it was an eventing and scripting horror and we had limited time, plus it was a bit too risky to tweak the difficulty level too much (because of the randomness factor) so I couldn't really risk it.

Glad you enjoyed though! Thanks again for taking time to play it! :D

Interesting idea! I liked the mapping and the atmosphere of the castle too, it's pretty good. The disabled dashing makes the exploration a tad slower but it's not entirely a bad thing. The English translation has various errors here and there but I really appreciate the effort you put into making one. I liked the chess puzzle too (very well made and original).

Spotted a small mapping error here:

Overall it was a very nice game! 

It was fun to play! I defeated only one monarch though during my first playthrough! Interesting gameplay idea and the music choice is appropriate too, the game gives you a feeling of emergency from the very beginning.

I saw you also posted a map for it, I will give it a look and maybe try to finish a next run.

Thanks a lot for commenting and voting! I'm glad you enjoyed this silly little game!

lol I smiled at the ending.

Nice game. 

The puzzles are well made and they sort of give me Wild Arms vibes, I guess because of the equippable items to solve them. Good job implementing that feature, it's something I always wanted to implement in my games too.

There's a few mapping errors on the cliff tiles:

You have to use Shift+Click Mapping, like this:

Congratulations for finishing a game for the Rpg Maker Game Jam!

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There is a small mistake here (I think it's an invisible event) that blocks the walking.

And here (before leaving the caves):

He reappears and I cannot interact with him in any way.


I won't comment about the writing (because I'm not French and I can understand only a few basic words of it) nor about the battles, because you obviously didn't have time to balance or add skills etc, but I applaude the effort anyway.

Congratulations for finishing a game for the Rpg Maker Game Jam!

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There is a small mistake right after the intro where the read-haired dude appears above the cage door. 

Overall interesting idea, I don't speak French but being italian made me able to understand a bit of the story anyway, it's about a guy that can choose between waiting for his execution and trying to escape.

I like the stealth\assassinate feature and the multiple choices, but I've never been a fan of the instant death one. It's frustrating being forced to restart the whole game everytime and for even a simple mistake  (because you can't save). 

I understand it doesn't make much sense to enable saving in a 10 minutes game but I would have at least preferred the guards to put you in jail again making you waste extra time.

Also yes, sometimes they can spot you behind the walls, please fix that too.

Congratulations for finishing a game for the Rpg Maker Game Jam!