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I'm looking for more information about the usage of Maxwell that is not included on the product page or in any documentation that I can find. Specifically, I'm trying to find out how to:

1. Erase/re-enter MIDI learn data that was put in incorrectly or that you just want to change. where is this information saved?
2. What MIDI keys are mapped to the APC trigger mode that select the preset patterns? I can program my midid controller if I knew what keys Maxwell was expecting to see. only 3 of the presets are selectable for me right now.
3. What is the MIDI transition value between the different wave form options for each oscillator. There are 4 options (sine, square, triangle, and flat) Which MIDI value selects each option?
4. Can Maxwell be set up to send MIDI data to my controller? I would like to LEDs turn on and off on the controller when I select invert, etc. Is this possible.

This is a great program but I'm really loving getting to know it.