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Good news is that it actually downloaded files this time lol.  Other good news is that the game is playable!!! Yay lol. Thank you again for the help. Now i look forward to gamplay :D

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I am using the Itch app each time for the downloads. Just tried again and same results. I do notice that the game is instantly installing itself without actually trying to download anything. It ques up for 2 seconds and says its done but that same error appears. Sad cause i was looking forward to your game :/

Bonbon community · Created a new topic No files found

Hi i have tried to download your game as part of the sale going on but each time i do this, i get an error that says no files can be found for the game to be launched from. I have done this about 3 times now so not sure whats the issue. Thanks in advance.

Thank you for the response.  I see how the puzzle should be solved now. What i did was i pushed down that box on top of the big box on the left. Maybe pushing that down bugged it not sure, but ill give this new way a try and see what happens. Thanks again!

Loving this game so far. I can tell its gonna be a good one but there is a part in the game called Yurei where it seems like you need to pull a box to the other side, but i cannot seem to grab ahold of this box. I can push and pull everything else like the carts, but this area im stuck at. Any suggestions would be helpful. Otherwise good game so far.

Oddly enough it says you can pull and push boxes but at that same spot, i cannot pull the box either. Im trapped in this room now.

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Was a cool game but i encountered this pretty weird bug. Not sure how it happened but when i would go turn on my flashlight, there would be no light but when i would turn off the flashlight it would then turn on showing up on the bottom right corner of my screen lol. Overall thought it was fun to play even without light.

Seems like a pretty fun game so far but is there any way to increase the screen size? Looking at a small box screen makes it difficult for me to see anything really.

Pretty good game. Got it the first try but after that the red fish catches me every time lol. Must have gotten lucky with the item spawn locations.

Really good challenging game. Music and visuals are great too.

Really enjoyed this game. Took me actually 2hrs to complete but that because i was reading everything and simply enjoying the enviroment. Few bugs and random framerate drops but other then that its a solid indie game.