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maybe its cuz of your pc

ofc he is

bruh this guy CHOCOLATTEEE!!!! and why couldnt mr. karbs find his chocolate its his

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i suggest adding :



 more maps,

 main menu much nicer,


 and maybe adding settings for the map ex: "How much Money on start", 



"leveling up"

 can only level up if "Difficulty" and "Money on start", has not been changed

 and maybe "custom maps"

But yeah nice game needs updates..

so noice

very rare

ios costs like 100$ or more

is this online

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really funny game "not scary" i thought it will be scary, literary a fish lol. here is a video about it  You can watch it

here :

i like how this game goes like not throw in stuff at start like it doesnt start with a jump scare thats nice, tho the female she kinda....   short. ok ok uhm, so really well made game not random Bleakshore is like beachshore idk how but yeah nice one!

i made a video about this game 

gameplay  : 10/9 

graphics  :  this is a jam.

easy to escape : Very freaking easy

all : 3/3 for those who likes 10 , 10/10


yes i know @smellyanus27 well @KadenT8 can you even remake this game you probably cant 

so no one has a normal comment just karlson T H I C C

the cat tho he ate the child, thats a very creepy game.

Enjoyed the game

 here is a video :

Made a video about this game :

Enjoyed the game!


i think i saw the video on youtube right?

dude looks very cool and amazing im gonna download this

did u extract it ?

maybe thats why??

make a game about  spongebob house 

i made the house how do you have it on the picture what

if you press e and press it again its gonna glitch click close

ching chong MILK

Hello im gonna try this game, im gonna tell you if its good

let the rar files be zip files more easy

Ok why .rar use zip files

ikr  but so many clicks to continue i some times skip.

 i think you deleted mono

i'm a boy i don't know why i'm gonna download this game but i will take a look at it. maybe i will let my sister play it too

If there is any problem ask me!!

crashes everytime i lunch the game 64 bit

what if i un zip it by extract all?

I only download you games because my laptop in not for gaming 

right click the file extract all