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Yeh new demo soon(TM), gonna try and post this around the inter-zones when it comes out.

No way to disable the blood as is, but it is def unoptimized. I'll throw in an option for it though. And yeah i'm a year late on this reply lol :)))

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Yeah still working, we've made a lot of changes, and its kinda crazy how old this demo we have on here is lol.

And for sure you can email us dude! sent ;))

It seems to run fine on my friends computer, and that fix didn't work :(. One random comment from friend: enemy explosions are kinda big and cover up enemies and bullets so you can't see what's going on.

So far pretty cool, good amen breaks, but I couldn't play too much because the game stutters all the time unless I'm holding the down key. Really weird. It also constantly uses about 30% of my CPU, even in menus. I have a more or less modern PC so I have no idea whats up.

Looks really cool though!

i want to bunnyhop but i cant, didnt shoot enough doods, where are the record scratch sfx, thats a fair quantity of destruction

Good stuff! I like the look of the spiders more than the weapons, they're pretty cute. Combat is solid, judging distances is kinda hard, wind ups are a little long, and I'm personally not a fan of stamina meters. Take that with a grain of salt though, I'm more of a fan of spectacle fighters than Dark Souls.

Had to google dirrigible, but yeah the movement is pretty icy in the most recent build, we've upped the friction on a bunch of things to make it feel more grounded.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, we've increased friction a bunch since last build, gotta upload a new build soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

No problem dude! It was fun!

The music you posted is solid chiptune! But I will admit I was kinda expecting something sounding like Hyper Light Drifter, with lots of soft pads and a little of a serene feeling. Staying 100% 16bit is admirable though, and that songs works well for some of the underground sections.

I was exaggerating about the 5 minutes thing, but going to pipe world the first time around takes a good amount of time.

Adding more lore to the text would be perfect, especially interspersed with Frauki's observations/narration for some personality.

Art guy played, and he got stuck in the ground by the charging dude at the beginning of the game :O

But he was having a lot fun! He just wished he could rebind the controls or that he had his gamepad lying around.

Great stuff dude! Glad I could give feedback!

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I'm liking it! Combat is solid, but I really don't like the constant slow motion on hit. I feel the player's attacks have a bit too much cool down, it makes the combat feel a little sluggish, especially when multiple enemies are around. All the different moves protag has are cool. I like the way the enemies behave, jumping around and dodging the player.  The flying enemies weren't too fun to fight for me. The mosquito always hit me after I hit it, unless I spaced my attack perfectly. The flying squid thing flies in out of nowhere with no telegraph at all. Samurai can just be jumped over and ignored if his death doesn't open a door.

I like the look of the world. Good colors, good tilesets. Music would really help make it super moody, and could also be an indicator for the different sections of the world. Everything is kinda intertwined and I'm not sure how I would describe different sections to my friends. "Pipe world", "white block waterfall place", "underground." I felt most of the messages the player could read are kinda pointless, like "o no the ground is wet my socks are gonna get wet : (." They don't really reveal too much character or lore or anything, and its kind of a weird comment to make after killing a bunch of weird pink robo samurais and orange mutant things. The mushroom drug effect was kinda annoying and felt totally pointless, but maybe you'll make use of it later. Watching protag die takes two times as long as it should. No idea what picking up the orbs does, but of course I picked them up!

There's a few parts of the game where dying means walking 5 minutes back to where I was. Checkpoints Dark Souls style are probably the way to go, but I do think having only shortcuts would be cool if you can pull it off.

Tiny thing: protag's roll has that smear effect, which looks cool, but its not used anywhere else in the game, which feels a little weird. Attacking through walls lets you kill a few of the enemies and cheese some fights.

A settings menu is probably gonna have to be the way to go. Having no way to pause the game is pretty weird. Editing a text file isn't something most people are gonna want to do.

All in all, really good!!! It's a good looking, enjoyable experience, with a good amount of challenge. I'd love to hear some music in the game!!

Hey thanks dude, glad you enjoyed it! This is some good feedback!

Hitting things through walls is a bug. Drones are definitely getting an improvement pass. We're gonna try to do a pretty light story. Movement is more friction-y now. We fixed all the invisible platform things.

Thanks again for the feedback!!!

Hmm, the controller thing could just be Gamemaker being trash, I'm using a Gamespot 360 controller and it just works. I'll make another controller pass sometime and fix whatever bugs are left.

Good tip! I'll put it on the TODO list!

Thanks again for this feedback dude! I've been kinda busy past couple of days, but I'll try and leave you some feedback tonight.

Hey wow, thanks for the feedback, this is really good!!! I'm glad you enjoyed playing!

  • Controllers DO work (except stick) in the rebind menu, in config. If not, its a bug :|
  • Def agree about the drops, SOMETHING should tell you what everything is, but right now you just kinda guess.
  • You get way more ammo now and you start with the pistol too, shotgun got buffed. There's more of a gameplay loop around ammo now.
  • Tutorial is super WIP, thanks for the feedback on that!
  • Thanks!!!

And super thanks for this movement feedback, we probably tweak it every day

  • Thanks for this!!! We were debating keeping in the Megaman style wall climbs for Demoday, because they were unintentional. But after watching enough people play, they really do not belong in this game. The dash jump idea sounds pretty cool! We'll think of a cool way to make walljumps more skillful.
  • Thanks! Player slides less for now, and we'll keep smoothing things out.
  • I'm glad you could "feel the flow" lol. Yeah, making our player 2 tiles high might've been a mistake, he keeps hitting his knees on everything. First solution we tried was for the player to "crouch jump" everywhere like it was Half Life, but thats weird. Vaulting sounds like a much better solution! I def agree ledges eat all of your momentum and they shouldn't be doing that.

Anyway, thanks for all the feedback! I'll try to leave you some feedback too, someone had mentioned that our game was a clone of yours, so I've had your tumblr open for a few days now lol. Again, this is some great feedback!

Woah I stopped playing because I couldn't figure out the part at 5:50. I didn't realize that red keys were different!

Thanks dude!!!!

Fun, cute, feels solid, good turn around animations, I wish I could explore something instead of the linear level. Pretty good overall! 

Yoo I had fun with it! I'd say you should look at level design if you want to fix being able to snipe enemies from a mile away. Just don't have those kinds of far sight lines in your level.

Good stuff! Really good set of core movement options and abilities. The boss is well telegraphed and the difficulties really make a difference, but it never feels unfair. I was surprised I couldn't air dash or make ice blocks while fighting the boss, I was looking forward to flying around and doing some dumb shit. Shockwave attack got me locked inside of it pretty much every time, more knockback to the player or some iframes might help. Its lookin better every time I see it!

I'm glad as hell someone's trying to make a spidey-like! Removing jank and polishing up the parkour stuff is what I'd like to see most. Enjoy this shitty gameplay video, I was kinda tired.

Pretty good! I'm not a shmuper but I had fun! Arts great to look at, especially level 2. In game sounds are solid, but the music stands out. I'm pretty sure level 1 got easier since the last demo you posted, which is great! The indoor sections and boss gave me some trouble, but I figured it out. I wish the walls didn't kill me. Level 2 kicked my ass though, I straight up have no idea how to deal with that many enemies and bullets, especially if I mess up beforehand and don't level up my gun. I've tried expertly timing bursts, but there are just so many bullets! Maybe I should git gud????

Random nitpicks: 

  • Jump guys should telegraph their jump attack with a squat
  • The hit flash on the turrets shouldn't make all of its sprite white, just the "turret part"
  • Cluster bomb attack is hard to see because it blends in with the background too much
  • Level 2 Boss 1 should have more telegraphs on its attacks, his attack sounds should be louder are more differentiable

I played it for about 20 minutes and couldn't make any real progress.  and that's a shame because this seems like the kind of game I've wanted for a long time.  Maybe I'm missing something but it seems like it would take forever to get enough resources to make the most basic healing item, so if you die once you're pretty much screwed because you're stuck at 50 health. there should be an easier way to get healing items, maybe a similar system to the estus flasks in dark souls with potions that refill every time you go back to your tent. 

roguelikes hold the player's interest by giving the player random loot. I didn't feel as motivated to continue  once I found the 1 chest in the level. It seems like it would be easy to make a bunch of items that just improve stats by small increments. their effects would compound and give the player a good sense of progression. But I bet that you already plan on doing something like this.

I'm eager to see where you go from here, this has a lot of potential.

Thanks for playing dude! DOS prompt is bound to ~ nowadays, just like in my favorite engine. But yeah most of what we've been focusing on is getting everything feeling simple and smooth, glad ya liked that at least. A few different people have mentioned dropping the procgen meme. Ideally we'd have procgen that makes good flowy levels with interesting shit going on, each being fresh and different enough, but we'll see!

Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it. For next demo say, we plan on refining the feel of platforming. Others have said that it feels slippery too.

Thanks for pointing out that bug, it's a new one to us. and I don't see why we couldn't add an option for alternate slidekick and divekick controls.

Thanks for the effort man, sorry about the crashes. I've never seen that one before and I can't reproduce it, but I'll try my heart out to fix it!

Uploaded a fixed build that should stop a good amount of the crashing.

lol I'll implement the correct button things. Thanks for the feedback! Especially about how you felt trying to fight enemies.  I understand playing safe in a roguelite, but I definitely want the best way to play to be jumping around, going fast, and comboing enemies. I think the attack range is a bit short too, we'll mess around with buffing it and making sure you trade less with enemies. Thanks for the art compliments too!

Thanks for the feedback dude! I just noticed the room end event gets called even if you leave a persistent room, so instances were just killing themselves, which is like half the errors. Thanks for the nice words, glad it feels good. I haven't played N Ninja, but I'll try to get flash installed and do it. New stuff will probably be enemies and more situations you have to think to go into, like guarded treasure rooms or something. I'll consider the sprint thing, I do want to get rid off a couple input buttons to simplify things. Thanks!

Yeah that works, had enough time to deliver the pizzas.

On a 144hz monitor the game runs way too fast, I almost flipped out. I wish I could drag my mouse from anywhere and not get stopped by the window or the edge of the screen. So far so good, its readable and it works. I'd want some more nuance to raise the skill ceiling, like aiming while jumping doesn't stop movement.

the rooms look cool, i'm a fan of limited color palette art styles, but the angles and perspective could be more consistent. also, you already know this, but the combat needs some major work. right now, all that you need to do is hold enter and everybody dies. things like knockback, windup frames, cooldown frames and different enemy types could make the combat more fun. I'm curious to find out where you plan on taking this game.

Movement feels good, art looks good, music sounds good. Its good! Only complaint is the first layer of background scrolls a bit too much with the camera.

Beating shit up is hella juicy. I have no idea how the equipment menu or the trials work. Smash Bros sound effects are cool, but more of a THUMP might match the hitlag better. I wish the uptilt/launcher gave me more chance to combo enemies. Those walls are WILD lookin. Good stuff!

The inertia on the player is a bit too much, it means all I can do is circle strafe to dodge. I want to be able to wiggle back and forth to dodge, at least until the grenade guy finds me. More feedback when hitting enemies and getting hit would be great. I can't see the grenades the grenade guys throw, they blend in too much.

The juice you have now is good and the disco lights are cool. A sickass soundtrack would make this game pretty rad.

I agree that the combat feels sticky. Quicker animations, less starting lag, interruptable ending lag could help out. The blood mechanic isn't instantly obvious, maybe having the in game sword glow or something when its charged. The enemies just crouching down when they die doesn't tell me they're dead quickly enough. Ragdolling, exploding, or turning darker when killed would be more readable. I like the atmosphere, but some more contrast and intensity would be nice.

Looking forward to your progress!