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Thank you for playing this game ! You didn't discourage and you finish the game, well done !

To get better control, you must put your keyboard in azerty, but I know that's the physic is not really kind with player and we could improve movement in general! And for the text , you must install the font which is in the file.

I hope that you enjoyed the game despite everything ;)

(I didn't saw the entire video for the moment but I will)

Super jeu, très joli et très fun !

THis game is a realy great experienc. Beautiful and poetic, you share a really nice experience with unknow players !

GDWC Thank you for your comment, I will check your website but I don't think that we will enter in the competition ^^ . 

KillerGill I don't know if this website is awful but do you really need to make a comment on each of her post?  It's nice from you to warn people but please give an opininon on their game in the same time ;) .

Really cool video, thank you for playing :D !