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Love the game, I've gotten halfway or so into it, but I've noticed something; you can't get rid of cups of water once you have them from what I can tell. Is there a way I'm not noticing? Thank you for any help!

Love this game/learning tool, it's very fun and I find myself playing the toki pona mode or the sitelen pona challenge all the time when I'm just chilling and want to practice my toki pona. Definitely interested in You can Kana too, I might be getting that shortly. Very pretty, fun, and relaxing, as well as educational

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Hey, there's a bug where the sitelen pona for "e" doesn't render during the stage two review up on the top row. It's really minor, but it's there; instead of showing the ">>" it just shows "e". 

I love this game a lot, it's addictive, fast paced, and skill based. I got instantly hooked after playing for just a couple of minutes! I feel like this could be a game nearly to the level of something like Rocket League! If it had a little more content and some form of multiplayer, it probably could've blown up!

I get this too, this looks really fun but I can't seem to play it because of it.

Honestly, I really enjoyed playing this game. The atmosphere is great, then sound design works really well, and I found myself playing this for longer than I expected. I could definitely see this as a viable mobile game.

Decently made, but it took me a long time to figure out I had to press the A and E button at the exact same time. I pressed A first and then E and vice versa for a while. Some music would liven it up a little as well, but overall very nice.

Those bugs you mentioned have been fixed now.

Yeah, I've figured out what's wrong with most of the bugs, and after the voting I definitely plan to expand and work on this game, and hopefully turn it into something amazing.