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you know that defeats the entire purpose of a jam right

did you seriously just resubmit an old mod to a MOD JAM?

I cannot legally do that because it is a demo of the full game with a lot of the game's code.

wow much skill


And they broke the rules too.

The mod has to be MADE in the time period.

You have to make it within the time period.

I know, i said it like that because funny meme

No, I don't own the rewired plugin required to do so which costs 40 dollars.

this comment is 240 days old. also, it was stupid.

just install the linux module

It's times new roman.

maybe make it so the placeface dialog makes actual sense and that the ending part isnt just random words

but that would ALSO ruin the gameplay, because that would take away a major mechanic. I think it should be that you can only call an emergency meeting if you have been within a certain range to a dead body.

Viktor is an unreal game. You can't use unity to edit it.

Oh! Alright, I'll adjust my review over time. I develop with unity too, so I have some suggestions and tips.  First off, to fit the disappearing under the map, make a sorting layer below the items in the project settings, and call it "map". put all map tiles on that layer. Then do the same for items and then the same for the player. If you do that, items, notebooks, and the player wont disappear under the map.

Mystman does not allow paid fangames anyway. Also, as of now, we don't know if Mystman allows mods or fangames on google play or the app store, even for free without ads.

Online mode isn't even online, several tiles are on the wrong layer so the player disappears under them, there is only one notebook in offline mode, there are NO notebooks in the fake online mode, tiles don't line up and have gaps in-between, Baldi literally goes through walls, etc. etc.

Clean up your act. This is embarrassing.



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It runs through your internet. It's your internet's fault.

No, that's not what I meant. I meant the version that you edit and compile with doesn't work on chrome os. The linux and WebGL versions should work however.

These look kinda... falic.

I used Jumpman25's decompile of the source code. just look up "jumpman25" and you'll find it, not that it'll be of use to you, since unity isn't compatible with chrome os.

Updated recently with more, so BUMP!

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Oh, I had to use a decompiled version of the game's source code. Besides, unity doesn't run on chrome os.

yeah :(

I don't have access to the file :(. Please upload it on youtube! Also, I have no clue how to fix the endless error. I didn't change the code at all, I just recompiled it with some additions.

yep :(