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Hi all,

As the jam will start pretty soon, and as I am currently creating a team to develop a game based on Sherlock Holmes, we are probably going to need some more horse power.

If you use Unity 3D and wish to be part of our team, please contact me on Discord: Cybernova#3871

We are currently in the need of a second programmer for the most, however if you are still not in a team and wish to be part of something awesome, don't hesitate to get in touch!

Good luck to all of you!!!

I am an Audio Guy looking for a team!

1. Introduction: Hi, my name is Luca, but Everybody calls me Cyb. I am currently living in the Netherlands (GMT +1) and I love games. I am very passionate about what I do and my curiosity always brings me to discover and study new things. This is the main reason why I stepped into the gaming industry after several years of audio production, sound design and composition. This would be my first game jam since I have started this great adventure with sounds in games.

2. Skills: Deep knowledge of sound recording, editing and manipulation. I mainly work with Ableton 9 for production, Logic/Pro Tools for audio mixdown and editing and I have confidence with middleware such as FMOD Studio when it comes to coding audio and music.

3. Programs/Languages: Unity is my engine, have not that great experience with it but I consider it my favorite development environment. As an audio guy I use DAW softwares for music composition and sound design. Not yet a coder but able to use middleware to deliver audio builds rather than audio files.

4. Portfolio: you can check my music productions on Spotify under the name Cybernova or check for experiments/remixes and unreleased material. A portfolio for game audio is not yet available online but feel free to ask for sample stuff.

5. Contact: .facebook, skype, whatsapp, gmail. Easiest way: write me an email at

6. Other: currently studying Blender, so I can as well help out with basic 3D modeling. Also I am a great resource when it comes to organizing the workflow, preparing a GDD and getting fresh ideas during the concepting of the game