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Looking really snazzy! I hope they will come in handy

That is what you get when you make great stuff :)

This looks really good!

These are just great, thanks for sharing!

Wow this looks pretty darn cool. Thanks for sharing!

These are really cute, could you make a pig next?

Wow I didn't know I needed this terrain but I do now I see it. It looks great man! And yes, I am using it for something turn-based, perhaps Ill try to make a real-time strategy game with this later

I do love those aliens, thanks for uploading them!

Looks good! Good luck with school and work as wel

Congratulations on 1000 downloads! I personally dont think it is necessary to include more team colours, although you could make a seperate file to download for the people who want it.

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Ooh nice horses :). I do feel the orc walls seem a bit too... detailed? It's like it is made out of a zebra tree lol. Looking good though!

This is a really nice asset pack, thank you for sharing!

Thank you, this is very helpful

Yeah the samurai probably wouldnt fit in, looking forward to the Asian pack!

Hello, I really love this pack, especially that is is completely free and CC0, but I have a suggestion. Could you make a samurai character? That would be really cool! I would love to  hear your thoughts on this.

Wow this looks really cool! Any idea how much you want for this?

And could you maybe make some more puzzle thingies, like buttons, levers or coloured pressure plates and coloured locks? Just to make the possible dungeons a little more interactive.

(and spiders lol)

This is brilliant, I really like you style

Idk man, if you want to break this pack up in multiple smaller projects, thats cool, but if you want to make it one big project thats also ok. I personally think the icons should go into a separate project, but thats again up to you.

Im glad to hear that, looking forward to it! Take your time

These are really cool, would you also consider making a third pack? Maybe with siege engine icons? That would be great!

This looks very cool, could you also make a cavalry unit/knight? Or maybe some resource icons? I already like this pack to bits, keep up the good work!

Wow thank you!

This is really cool, if I use this in my game do I have to credit you?

This looks very cool, looking forward to what you will do in the future

Thank you, this is a great pack especially together with the resources, would you consider making a pack with building icons, like a woodcutter, dungeon, castle and the like? That would be awesome!

This is a really cool game! Great job!

I really like this style, Im currently making a Turn Based Strategy game and I think I might use these, could you make a non-chess collection in which you create more of these "statues"? That would be really cool and helpful.