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Cyber Ninja Games

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Thanks dude, that means a lot!  I hope I get featured some day :)

This is super cool, especially considering this is a first game AND for a game jam! Has a good message, and I really like the art style.  Good interpretation of "cycles"

That's the point ;) Have you tried jumping off the edge at the beginning?

Thank you, Maxparata! 

I like it!  Interesting interpretation of cycle, and good message overall!

P.S. - I hate it when Karen takes the kids

Awesome game guys! :) The aesthetic is really nice,  the music kept me motivated, and it feels nice to play!  (I like feeling like a ninja)

Thanks for the feedback Natrix!  Pixel graphics make a game look more polished than it actually is I guess :)

Thanks ForeverMuffin!

Thanks so much DSTwins!!! Glad you enjoyed it! 

Thanks so much! You're input was probably the most valuable ;)

Thanks for the feedback!!!  It means a lot that you took the time to play it, and your input will help when I build my next game!  

I will definitely consider entering it into the GDWC!