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Thank you! I appreciate it!

Thank you!! I appreciate the words!!

Thank you!!

Thank you!!

I’m glad you enjoyed!!!

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I appreciate the criticism! Definitely, there is a lot of mechanical similarity between the ghosts and the balls. If this was expanded this would be changed and a different mechanic would be put in place of the ghosts. I agree with you criticisms and will keep them in mind for future projects! Thank you for playing my game! <3

Thank you!!! <3

Couldn't make it too easy! I'm glad you like it! <3

I really enjoy the concept and the feel! Wish you could of finished the game!

Thank you! and I wish you luck! I'll give your game a look in a couple days, I bet it's lovely. <3

Thanks! It's only a 8min game so I didn't think to add one. If I ever expand it, I'll make sure to add one!

Thank you!! <3

I believe in you!

There are 30 levels! <3