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fuck,,,,,,, I really wish i could have a bit more of it, I'm mesmerized by the way you writte your little dialogues, it's genuinelly fulfilling.
No matter what, i'm grateful for the time of complete joy that i had while playing this project.

thank you so much. :]

even though I can´t stress enough how much this is INSANE good, I couldn't contain myself from trying, so...


those characters are something else, the lines are so well put for each one of them, after little time in the game, it's clear that they have unique personas. The music choise for each place was p from perfect, and the bitsy design? fucking lord, couldn't fit better. but, I think that the final result, this entire game, is what got entirely. Both endings have their own way of fulfilling the story and finishing it with a chef kiss [EVEN though I have a favorite myself /can't stand letting krys without kisses/]. The little detailed dialogues and all of the other little things made it special.

Thats not my first time here, but i came to terms that you deserved a big BIG annoying attempt of thanking you for doing such an INSANE good thing. Perhaps that's enough.

super  super cool

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o wow, that was fucking fantastic; the story was incredibly enjoyable, the characters were well made, and the story well told. Besides the music, that I genuinely liked

I felt in complete immersion :)

well done, good stories make new worlds.

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