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Cuz Y Not :3

A member registered Oct 26, 2016

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I mean, look at him

Totally not supposed to be dead

Not like I sliced right through him with a laser sword or something


Jump while doin the kicking animation

(I don't really know wether this counts as a bug but it's funny to me :P)

Can't wait for Jan Story mode update.

4th Jan is my birthday so that would kind of be like a present for me *w*

Thanks Senpai :3

For the next update pls add a new type of enemy/boss plox :3

Sorry for the late reply

I used Qubicle (it's paid btw)

Damn O.o

I make fan art when I'm bored but good for ya :P

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I wish I had maya =,=

Comp is only 32 bit right now (will upgrade to 64 soon)

Nice fan art tho. You make fan art for other games as well or just decided to do it for this one?

Sharing this a bit too late.


Bronze ain't hard. What is hard is surviving in general without block arrow upgrades. Almost all levels (except one with 4 sword guys) have archers so yeah.

What software did you use to make the dude with the pointy hat guy animate in the gif?

But what is it's speciality O.o

It's a clone of commentatron after he got shot by the human huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue



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*intense fangirl scream*

If you want, I can send this to you so you can open it on your qubicle thingy. I don't know how to so you'll have to tell me =,='

Also, I might edit it a bit later since I was doing it with a few recommendations from Almighty Nubs since he seems to be an expert on this kind of thing.

Like this head



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Senpai, are you proud of me yet?



Edit: Made a few changes to head and shoulders



You can just normally walk/jetpack a jumping robot.

Unless you turn into like a ball kind of thing in metroid, I'm pretty sure the body can't slide between the robot legs.

It is a good idea though. Maybe instead of sliding, there can be a sliding kick. It can be activated while kicking during a boost/jetpack thingy.

Just saying, but robots aren't big enough to be slid under. Maybe if there were big brute robots then yeah.

How about this?

  • Dialogue for hanging around in the menu for too long
  • Special dialogue for some 'Easter Egg' names and occupations after the human is made.

How about an event which seems like a normal round with normal robots but after they die, their bodies all combine into this AMALGAMATION THAT KILLS YOU. MUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

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Same thing has happened with me

I've only made it till 11 and 12 in previous runs but I got a lucky break and made it till level 20

Took around 75 deaths in total tho =,='

praise our lord and savior corvino

for he has been to the depths of hell and back


Yay :3

Please put in Richard as a first name and First as a Last name

(Don't ask why)

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I wonder what we'll get in the next update

I would really like it if more 'Giant' creatures were added to the game rather than more swordsmen and bowmen and all of that jazz.

Spidertron is cool and all but he's just spidertron man. He needs company.

Pls dev, implement that saw blade lizard dog tail thingy soon

Level 20...

And I know people who have topped that as well.

(drops mic)

It's either a puppy or a lizard. Either way


Why not make an option for it. You could call it advanced controls or something. That way both parties can get what they want.

I think this speaks for itself


an archer killed 2 purple bots chasing me...technically it's not my combo but still it was funny af

MK 2 jetpack robots...everywhere


(in the background)

1 like to anyone who understood this tip. Cause I sure as hell didn't.

(or maybe I'm just too dumb to understand T.T)

You could always edit this to make the spelling better y'know.

Also this time stop thing reminds me of mcree's ability except everybody actually slows down, you point at stuff and the person uses a sword instead of a gun. If I'm wrong in assuming this, please forgive me.

Seems like a pretty damn neat idea tho

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God this is...

This is...

Too Beautiful!

I R8 8/8

(better than sonic fan-fiction at least)

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Maybe you could make a level in story mode where the human falls into a garbage chute where discarded parts of spidertron 4000 are lying and they combine to form a MIGHTY BOSS OF MIXED SPIDERTRON 4000 PARTS. It would be soooooooo epic

This pretty damn neat

The armor might be tricky tho and I think the dev will have a hard time implementing the weight values but still it could work.

We would have to think though. How will the player get to use these different weapons and armors and fighting styles. They could just be acquired through upgrades but I think there can be a variety of other ways. Like selecting it in a 'Character Making' screen or something. Weapons, shields and armor can maybe be acquired as drops from enemies which possess em.