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Cut Garnet Games

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Really cool. The atmosphere is incredible, I loved walking around looking for portals as the sun set. Wonderful idea for a generative thing!

This is really cool! I don't know if you're still developing it during the jam (I'm commenting early which is probably wrong :P) but I love this already. Placing the cities was very clever and the variety between the planet types was really nice.

Hey itch! <3

A few friends and myself are planning a little project for next year - a site which catalogues and indexes games from a particular community. I was thinking the best way to do this might be to get everyone to submit their games to itch.io, and then have our site use itch.io as its catalogue - i.e. all games could use a particular tag, and then we could link people directly to a search for that tag on itch.io when they want to find a game.

a) Are you okay with something like this?

b) Would it even work?

c) Do you have other suggestions for using itch in this way? We want to use our main site to host articles about the community and reviews of the games, but we don't have the infrastructure to host/upload/search the catalogue ourselves, and we want to encourage people to use itch.io so their work is shared more broadly.



Hah, nice!

I just saw this in the submission queue, it's a great concept! I always wondered what this genre would be like to generate.

Thanks so much for taking part in the jam, I'm so happy you achieved this awesome milestone! We're a very friendly community so I'm sure you won't get any harsh replies. Also watch out for Jupiter Hadley's video compilation after the jam - your game will be in it. 😊

Looking forward to playing your entry!

Created a new topic Late Submissions: How To

Hey everyone,

We're in the final 'official' weekend of jamming, with PROCJAM ending on Sunday at midnight in your local timezone. However, the nine days of PROCJAM are really just a focal point for the community to come together and do something, so PROCJAM allows late submissions at any point until the next PROCJAM officially starts in 2017. We're serious! If you started something but can't work on it again until Christmas, finish it then and let us know. If you come back to something in March next year and want to submit it after all, that's okay! Here's how late submission works:

  1. Submit your game to itch.io as a normal submission.
  2. Tweet @mtrc or email cutgarnet -at- gmail -dot- com, asking for a late submission link, and include a link to your itch.io page.
  3. We'll reply with a late submission link you can click to join the jam.
That's it! The only downside to submitting late is that Jupiter Hadley will be making her 2016 PROCJAM roundup sometime in the next month or two, so if you submit after that you won't be included in it. But your entry will still go down in history as part of the jam, and you'll be in the records forever! :)

Good luck with this last weekend. Remember to get some fresh air, maybe buy a mince pie if it's Christmassy in your country right now, and thank you so much for entering. You're all wonderful.

This is a really cool idea! It sounds very ambitious but I think even a small version of it would be super interesting. I love the idea of being able to use my experiences to relate to people in the world :)

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Hey! Welcome to PROCJAM :)

We're a bit different from most jams, in that we don't have a winner and we don't score entries. Instead, it's more like a big festival - everyone shows off what they made. Sometimes journalists write articles curating some of their favourites. Most importantly, Jupiter Hadley is the jam's Official YouTuber and makes video compilations of every single entry, so your entry will get featured in one of her videos at some point in the future!

Officially the jam ends next Sunday. But unofficially, we let people submit late. It's about having fun and making stuff together. Hope you enjoy it!

Let's start a thread, I think that's a great idea! Next year my aim is to improve the tutorials available to people and write some of our own. You might like this, a cave generator tutorial I wrote a while ago for another site:


There's also this post I wrote recently, for entering PROCJAM with no coding at all! All these projects give you an opportunity to think about generative systems without writing code yet:


Hope some of that helps :)

Thanks for this feedback. itch invited us to use their mailing list, it doesn't happen normally, but we're glad they did. Maybe we'll ask nicely again next year! We do get RT'd by itch but I think people might not catch it if it gets buried. I guess the aim is just to keep tweeting, keep pushing, and grow a bit each year :)

Thanks for helping out!

It sounds great! I'll have a look later. Congrats on getting a submission in :)

Normally we wouldn't have access to itch.io's awesome mailing list, but we'll try contacting tool communities like Game Maker directly next year. Thanks, and I'm enjoying your car generator gifs! :)

Don't stress! We're a very relaxed jam. If you like, you can spend a few days thinking, and just ask for a late submission link. :) Our times and dates are just for people to get together and share their process, but lots of people start early or finish late! Last year I did my entry on weekends only and submitted in December :)

Bumping the thread because I've transformed it into a general purpose 'things to help you jam' thread :)

Created a new topic Frequently Asked Questions

Can I enter the National Novel Generating Month/another jam with the same entry?

Of course! Feel free to enter other jam work to PROCJAM. You can also extend a jam entry from another event, like the awesome Asylum Jam.

Where does the jam take place?

This jam takes place online, so there's no physical location to attend. If you want to organise a PROCJAM get-together in your area, let us know and we'll advertise it for you!

Hey, can I...


PROCJAM is a very relaxed jam - it's more like a big festival of making things (that make things). We let people use existing code and art (because doing technical stuff like procedural generation is hard to do from scratch). We let people work in teams, because that's fun. We let people start early or finish late because we'd rather see what you made than make you rearrange your life. You don't have to submit anything to itch.io if you don't want to, you can make physical entries, and so on. Here's the bottom line - we really want you to join in and have fun. Whatever you need to make that happen, do it.

Seriously, I need to ask you something

No problem! Best way is to ping a question to @mtrc on Twitter. Or you can reply here!

itch.io doesn't normally email out about jams, so we were very lucky to get an email sent out. itch do their very best to help out - really it's my responsibility to make sure everyone knows about the jam! :)

Where do you usually find out about jams? Twitter? Reddit? I need to know where's good to post about them!

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It's extremely cool. We'd love you to submit! You can submit something to ProcJam even if you've already submitted it somewhere else - no problem at all :)

Hey! The hashtag will probably get going once we officially start tomorrow, I think. Other options are to join our Discord or Slack, where people share their projects (see our stickied topic). You can also make a thread here in the forums for your project! :)

Hey b4ttlecat! We're sorry you didn't get to hear about us before. We do our best to promote but we need to get better at it! Where do you usually hear about jams? Good luck entering this year, and do let us know what you get up to! :)

Created a new topic How To Find Jammers To Talk To
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The best way to find people entering PROCJAM is to use the hashtag, #procjam, on Twitter! You can also make threads and chat right here on the itch.io community site.

If you want to chat with people but don't fancy using Twitter (or maybe you just want something more immediate) we have both a Slack and a Discord set up this year for people to chat on. Currently they both have members, so feel free to join either (or both!) Discord is probably the easiest to set up, but both are quite easy.

To register on Slack, click here. (We have to authorise Slack signups so give us a while)

To join the Discord server straight away, click here.

There's also a fancy general-purpose procedural generation Slack - click here for that.

Discord: https://discord.gg/BHd7ndk

I'll make a sticky with info like this soon.

Ok, sounds good, I think this is a good move. Let me sort stuff out and I'll post details here when we're up!

> Do I need to use the art mentioned above in order my submission to be recognised as valid?

Absolutely not! It's just a free resource for people who might use it to get inspired, or who don't want to do their own art. If you want to use your own art, or don't need any art at all, that's no problem! We just put these there to help people :)

I hope you'll join us! ^_^

That's a good idea! Is there a way to make Discords open for everyone to join? I've not just Discord much but one problem with Slack is that we need a manual invite system.

Absolutely! There's no such thing as cheating here :) Please bring in other code and help you make what you want to make!

When I do a huge jump, the game seems to get a bit blurry (like possibly the depth of field isn't changing on the camera?)

Enjoying the game!

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We try to give people as much support as possible to get started with procedural generation. Here's our current treasure trove:


Every year we have a live day of talks from procedural generation experts, which we record and put online. There's lots of tips, inspiration and advice from all kinds of cool people. You can find all our talks on our YouTube channel here.


We have a bunch of art assets released under a Creative Commons license ready to use. We've just released our brand new art packs for 2016, with a revamped art page including last year's pack too. That's over 1000 art assets in total, ready to use in procedural projects!



This year we launched our zine, Seeds. It's over 100 pages of articles from the community, including How-Tos, inspiration, reports, plans, ideas and history. It's a great document to flick through when you're pondering what to do for the jam! Find the first issue here.


Next year our main focus will be expanding the tutorials on the website so we can help people start off with procedural generation. For now, we have a big list of tutorials we've found elsewhere on the web, categorised by the type of content they're generating. You can find it here.

Sorry folks! We had a brief hiccup but it's all sorted now :)

Posted in dates?

Haha, heya! Yeah we've fixed that now. Good catch :)

Hey! My name's Mike. In my day job I research new ideas for games, and then in my spare time I make games and put them up on itch.io. I also run the Procedural Generation Jam here on itch.io! I love this place so much and it's great to finally have a place to chitchat with you.

I'm working on a bigger game than usual right now, and I hope to have stuff up on itch soon! If you want to say hi or talk about anything games or research-related, you can email me mike@gamesbyangelina.org or hit me up on the Twitters @mtrc!

Hey! I don't know if you wanted to submit this to #procjam but here's a late submission link :) http://itch.io/jam/660/add-game/43681?token=h0rRZfHKAYBM8Kf0zPTGzjXLxGc

Really wonderful video, by the way. I love the way you build it up with new work coming in, each with unique styles and creators. Really neat!

Thanks for taking a look, Chong-U! I think I definitely default to space-to-jump for some reason, I don't know why really. I'll add alternate/reconfigurable control schemes sometime soon though :)