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Awesome! It'll be a fun exercise to expand and learn an actual typesetting program.

Ayyyy, it's back.

Would we be okay to continue prior projects from the Micro-Jam (theme permitting if we're gunning to be #1 :P) or would you want us to start completely fresh?

Thank you very much!

15 amongst four stats.

I would have loved to elaborate on end-game plot, but unfortunately, a lot of fluff had to be cut in order to be as cohesive as possible. I'll be adding more down the line as I work on this in a more substantial matter.

Thank you!

hey, sorry about the late reply, busy weekend. 

Yes, you take away the difference from any dice pool of your choice. So while you could divert damage to an auxillary pool, you run the risk of not being able complete important tasks until you rest up.

That's odd. Thanks for letting us know, it'll be fixed in the post jam version when we get to it.

Thank you!

It's online!

Thank you very much! We all had "holy shit" moments while we were making the game and realized we had something super cool here.

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I'm sorry to hear that! I know the other two on the team have expressed interest in continuing to create levels for this, so whenever we get the chance, we'll come back and more thoroughly test the levels :D

Thank you very much.

Sorry! I'm creating Mac and Linux ports as I write this.