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it's a story about Batetemoda!

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This game is filled with humor and 4th wall breaking to the point the entire story is pretty much grounded in it, but yet it does not have or use that idea as an excuse to have ableist snark and shallow memes everywhere. Despite using death and killing as a gag, is still values mercy on villains in heartwarming ways. When a game like this has better morals than "pure G rated" kids' shows like My Little Pony G4 and Heain' Good Precure, it's a sign the companies that made those messed up royally. But it's also a sign that good people still exist, too... stories like this are proof those companies can do better.

I bought the bundle, I'll happily buy games and bundles that are made to help fight against oppression ❤️

I wasn't sure what to make of the intent behind this game's political messages at first but the end of the credits screen makes your compassion level shine loud and clear! ❤️

For me that only works sometimes, sometimes if I try to do that my attacks don't connect and he just keeps hitting me

oh, forgot to mention. when I said "The bosses and stages are all the same for each character" that's only true *most* of the time, as the standard. There are some exceptions to it though. :)

The bosses and stages are all the same for each character, with level progression separate for each character. Because of that some people don’t realize there is an autosave if they pick a different character and see their star disappeared. I admit it’s designed slightly to encourage repetitive play, but it was done partially with the inspiration from Smash melee’s “wow, you cleared classic/adventure mode with every character!” feeling in mind. However, although it does expect players to repeat the game with multiple characters, it definitely doesn’t expect you to do it with *all* of them - as due to the quantity it’d be more unfair and tbh, not even realistic. Many unlockables require you to use certain characters to get them, I admit I have favoritism going on there - though many of the characters unlocked though are either bosses (beat them at least once with any character) or are alts of the character you were forced to play as. Also, the further into the game you play, you might be surprised by the number of stages there actually are ❤️

I haven’t experienced itchio being aggressive towards fangames tbh. Although it’s true I’ve seen many smaller devs trying to build their own IPs, at the same time just doing a search like “Pac-Man” is all one seems to need for an indicator about fangames here. In fact, itchio even has a built in curated description for the “fangame” tag I’ve noticed. And most people I’ve run into here so far seem friendly- and the marketing system is open and generous to both devs and players alike- all of this is nothing like *Steam* - they are as elitist and toxic as it gets, and quite frankly as far as being a $10 billion corporation goes - I think they are *scummy*. I’m not sure how the games would “compete” with others either, considering all of mine - and most of the ones by others that I come across- are either just free or allow donations at most.

Happy it makes you feel that way! tbh, my game often gets mocked for the roster and it's outlandish nature (or "copyright" from people who act like they think fangames just don't exist). But I think those people are just jealous because I dare to be imaginative and dare to dream. I have just about everything in it - big and small. And I keep packing it with more and more of them. It's about choice of character and just having fun and it is not really about hardcore or competitive gameplay, so I'm not worried about the idea of characters behaving like "clones with similar attacks" or anything like that.  As long as they are functional that's what counts for me (there it at least *decent* variety, it's not like it doesn't exist in the game). And I figure that with so many, "sacrifices" are inevitable.

For the artist it was not too much work - they can draw and animate just about any character from scratch, I have them do it all the time, and having the character parts already drawn only made the work easier if anything. I just had to show them how she was animated in game (with a video, and animget for the jump anim, due to the video quality skipping too many frames to see how the legs were animated) - and told them to leave the glitches out, as those were only produced by the game program seemingly to start with, not on the images. They are pretty much a genius of an animator, imo

Aside from what I already told you about liking the character's name for a reason - there is also just a warm vibe to her transformation scene. And the tagline "I'm not afraid of anything anymore". That was really warm to me in an inexplicable manner 💖

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My commission artist did this (If I understand what they told me correctly, I think they used the actual part files that were in the source code, but did their own animating (in a program like spriter), replicating the in-game animations based on video footage I showed them)


thanks, and I hope so too ❤️

boo on them :(

but I'll just stand by the 3 upvoters instead ❤️

will we get a "full" version of Celeste 2 if you know what I mean? I would love to see it <3

I'm doing this <3

In case you're wondering about my mention of "my commission artist" without the context, basically she'll get platformer sprites like all of these:

Hi, great to hear from you - I have just downloaded the source.

I am glad to be able to make somebody's day, that's what I live for. I definitely think this site has a much more friendly vibe than Steam or Gamejolt. That's hard to explain but it's a feeling.

Keep on doing what you truly love, no matter what it is. If you follow your heart, you can't go wrong! 💖

also another bug/exploit I found: press E to pause and unpause makes boss teleport. I actually needed to use this though because otherwise he was too difficult for me... never figured out how to properly dodge/avoid his attack though, if there's supposed to be a way :)

pressing E key got me out of it (made the mouse cursor re-appear)

I think I found a glitch.
I paused the game with escape key while standing in front of Doc Strawberry. Not sure what happened but when I was ready to unpause the mouse cursor was gone so I couldn't click the buttons. However the game was seemingly still running because if I clicked in the right spot, Doc Strawberry would talk again. Seems I could still interact with the game, just while not being able to make the pause screen disappear so can't see what's happening.

Surprisingly well made for what it presents itself as, also unusually light hearted for a horror game. I really enjoyed this!

you’re welcome 💖

This is really well designed and well made. Copyright law should be abolished and this should be allowed on Steam!

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Listen, I don't know what made you seemingly do a 180, and because you're being so persistent, I guess I'll be completely straight and to the point with you now.

1- You were asked not to contact me numerous times and yet you still insist on doing so. You have gone far out of your way to find a random thread where I accidentally still left comments turned on, just because you wanted to message me. That is harassment, and that has not changed.

2- You were banned from the forums for rightful reasons, and I have rightful reasons not to trust you, which still stand. It's plain and simple.

3- I was not permabanned from Steam, at least not by force or bad behavior. Actually, I decided on my own to nuke my account, because I'm tired of all the toxic BS that Valve enables, as well as Valve's scummy policies. The stress they cause me is not even worth $1000+ worth of games. 

4- No, I won't unban you from my forums, it does not matter how many times you ask, this persistence only makes me dig my heels in. If you ask again in 6 months, you will still be told no. If nuking my own account happens to forever destroy the possibility of unbanning you, so be it. I don't know why you insist on being unbanned, if you're promising not to post anyways. It's not like you want to partake in the forum discussion then, and tbh, I would just delete those forums at this point if I could, because their existence is pointless. But it appears that I can't. That being said, if this is about the permanent global steam infractions caused by developer bans, fact is, maybe don't go around harassing people, and you won't acquire those. I saw I'm not the only dev who gave you those (you had 14 bans in the "art" section and only 1 was from me). It's understandable that if you go around posting messages to game developers mainly to bug them, including to the bad ones, they are not going to like it and are going to react accordingly to defend themselves. I won't say that those type of bans are always fair - I know from experience that they are not, and the system does enable developers to abuse them quite easily. However, in your case, judging from what I know, if you did to others what you did to me, I'd say it's more than likely the others are also fair.

5- Just so you know... giving me money proves nothing. As much as I love money and sometimes need it or could use it, fact is it does not fix things that money can't buy. 

6- I'm going to reiterate - Please do not contact me anymore, in any form, for any reason.

I can't understand the language but I enjoyed this anyways, good job!

I love how your description glorifies copyright infringement too 💖

hey, thanks for the long response! ❤️

You're welcome and thank you too!💖

You're welcome and thank you too!💖

Clever idea, also carried out in a well made way. Your son's stance on copyright proves that he's a kind soul, I hope he remains that way forever! 💖

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I reenacted the title and concept of your game with Precure 💖

(the text on her phone can be seen if you save image file then view it at 100% size)

I think I  found a bug - it's possible to use heal on dead allies - but it still won't revive them even if their health number goes up. Sometimes it's also too easy to do this by mistake depending where the cursor appears.

Also, I noticed it was possible to use heal on the enemy as a selectable target - was this intentional or a mistake? I didn't try it so I don't know what happens.

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I love this game and what it stands for a lot!

However, although I too found some flaws in the gameplay, I must contradict all the "too easy" comments. For me it was the other way. I kept finding myself surrounded by enemies and basically stunlocked by them myself, rather than the other way around. This would usually either cost me a life or at least lots of health. Sometimes when I respawned a new life, I would just fall down back into the same mob and die again, though it seems that's because I actually have control of my movement while falling during the respawn process? That being said, there was one other big flaw, though it's more of a personal peeve that not everyone shares - making the player use the shift button to shoot repeatedly (and with no way to change the controls), thus triggering "sticky keys" popup messages from windows itself that interrupt the gameplay. Some people tell me I can turn them off but I never find out how even if I try what they tell me, wish it weren't necessary anyways... but anyways, because of this I usually avoided the shot attack and only used melee... and perhaps my difficulty experience would have been as the others say had I done that differently.

Sorry if the "criticism" paragraph is longer than the "praise" one - the good is what matters to me more over the bad, it just happened to take more words to describe the specifics of the flaws.

I really love Precure - and as I said in my review - this game's MC is named after my two newest favorite cures, so I can really appreciate this even for that reason alone. The game's music had a nice feel to it and her walking animations/etc are really cute!

Also, you said on your page I can message you if I want the source code... so can I please have it? Not sure how to DM people on this site, so I'll just write this request here, and figure you'll know how to contact me and/or what contact info to ask for? I'm not a godot user (it's mainly Construct 2 for me), but I am curious to try and look at new things anyways.


great, thanks for the response! ❤️

Hi, may I ask if the full version of this will become purchasable on too? I see it's coming soon to Steam, but as I have issues with Steam - I'd rather buy it here if possible. ❤️

Also, as a secondary question - any ETA for release date?

yw <3

I bought this,  love your good faith oriented licensing terms. Thank you for being nice.... this might come in handy for me ❤️

Combine the two ideas  (this with the one about "outer space") and then you have Hikaru (Cure Star). 💖

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I saw itch admin, in this thread, say they want to add a cloud save feature but they don’t know when. They said it a year ago, but judging from the contents of this thread it seems like not yet.

I’m hoping for a simple feature, that does not require API implementation into the game itself. Steam, for example, although it requires API implementation for other integration features such as achievements, Steam cloud save is like the one major integrated feature  that does not. (It’s  just defined in the settings of the game’s page/admin settings/etc)

By default, you can specify a subfolder, that is within the game’s root folder (exact path to the root is automatically detected) that declares where saves are located. You can enter a file extension, causing it to upload all files in said folder that have that extension, or use an just an asterisk * wildcard in the extension field, causing it to upload ALL files within said folder, regardless of extension.

Although I prefer when games store saves within their own folders like this, I know many also store them on other system folders on the computer (users/name/appdata, etc) idk if this method might be a bit more complicated but I’m sure it’s still doable.

Of course it’s also possible to specify multiple folder paths for the same game and have all of them take effect (as long as they exist / are specified correctly, I assume.)

I assume that one would need to use the itch app / client somehow for this to work, due to the fact that unlike on Steam, itch games are DRM free and don’t require use of the client app to play them.

In all honesty I’m fed up with Steam for certain reasons, but I love my Steam cloud. Would be nice if there was a roughly equal alternative... ❤️

There are two things I can really appreciate in games - getting to beat up mean oppressive kings, and getting to beat up bigots such as homophobes.

Having the king be an actual boss that gets fought, instead of being some annoyingly mean NPC who you just have to put up with (as might likely happen in a lot of games with kings that have daughters), really made my day when I played this! 💖

(I actually played this all the way through a few years ago, but I never commented if I'm not mistaken)