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Great game! Love the aesthetic and sound effects

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah we could've made the game easier to access, but we ran out of time haha. Those are good ideas too! I think starting in the shop is a great idea. Thanks again for playing!

Haha that's awesome! Glad you liked it! 

Aw thanks for trying so hard! Hopefully, in a few days after uploading is ok again, we can rerelease a web friendly version that will be easier to access. Thanks for the effort and your kind words~ 

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Hi! No worries, our game had some technical difficulties during submission and ended up having a complex download process. Will definitely fix the ease of access after jam is over. You have to run the web server to see the game via these steps. Let me know if there is any further trouble and thanks for coming the check out our game!

Enjoyed playing the levels and the dice rolling mechanic. Could maybe have some more checkpoints at more difficult sections of the game, since the time to maneuverer back to where you were takes some time currently regardless of how good you are at the beginning sections. Good job on the game!

Balance is definitely something to be tweaked and worked on! Haha yeah, showing the dice face cost somehow got past us. 

Thank you for taking the time to play our game and we're really happy to hear that you enjoyed it! 

Glad to hear you enjoyed the mechanics and art of the game! Did you know you can technically design the faces of the enemies as well?  Thanks for playing~

That is a really good and elegant idea on how to fix infinite loops! Definitely something the team will discuss moving forwards with the game while we add more content. Thanks for playing!

Haha, our artist has wanted to do an auto game for the last few jams but finally convinced us to do one this time with great success!

That is a great idea to add story elements to the game, we will try to incorporate it in future versions. Thanks for playing and congrats on the win!

Hopefully after the game jam, we will have it be runnable on itch! That .bat file would have been a smart idea for all the terminal work though. We will definitely try to keep refining the game and polish it up! Thanks for playing~

Sometimes bravery is forced upon you by the tech option you chose and the lack of foresight to test it on itch early c: 

Thanks for playing!

Such a cute game! All the die were amazing and I happily raised my dice. 


  • Maybe a favoriting system or inventory adjustment would be nice to for auto selecting the die you want to use
  • A visuals enhanced display of the stats with some icons or some stylization of that box/text to fit the visual theme
  • maybe having limits of the die be based on the rarity and some variance from the dice name (color, trait)

Great job on the game!

Very fun to spray explosive die all over the fields and watch enemies go boom! Loved the world, the character and its enemies.

Small feedbacks:

  • Would be nice to have all health regened at the end of the tutorial after you blow yourself up with the bullets and die
  • Since using the die powers is very strong, maybe having the boss swing their arms to hit back over eager die shots
  • Having a way to move faster via sprint/dash  would feel nice
  • some degree of camera control or more refinement on those narrow corridors

Great job on the game!

Idea is nice and was a fun time. Could use some tweaking on the damage as it takes a bit too many bullets per enemy and more distinction of the enemy types to create more variance.

Good job on the game! 

Awesome game! It amazing to see such strategical depth in a game jam game, and I was thoroughly enjoying every part of the game! A very well executed take on the theme.

My only criticisms would be on the UX side of things. 

  • Fast forward would be really nice to speed up the non interactive battles
  • Better explanation on the various stats on die as they aren't too clear on what they do (having more swords doesn't mean more damage and the shield/damage taken is a bit unclear on how/why it is interacting that way until you are well into the game)
  • More detailed tutorial
  • A way to get more economy, I was often left with a lot of choices of what to buy, but had too little money to do anything

One of my favorites I have played so far due to how well the concept was executed, great job!

A really cool game idea!

I wish there was a bit more control/movement options as losing a combo due to reach or awkward angles kinda sucks, but it was really fun to bounce around dynamically on enemies! Also making it so that you can "fall" instead of jump on enemies to start the combo would be nice for game feel.

The gameplay loop was fun and engaging, and had me wanting to create a high combo and score. Great job on the arcade game!

I enjoyed sixy's die faces alluding to those kind of board games and really enjoyed the different attacks! The boss and enemy fights in this game were very well tuned and has a lot of polish in that aspect. A lot of good mechanics with the auto roll when damaged and roll to dodge/new attack. 

The only thing I really found wanting was more levels, but thats only because the game was so solid and fun. Great game!

I loved the art in the game!

Although the enemies do need some tweaking as the people below have mentioned, they were fun to play around. Having the flyer always try to go higher and the fireball enemy always try to run away from you is a bit tedious when trying to clear out a level thought, maybe having them only adjust to you on a delay,  have their "run-away" be a bit slower or just general player mobility improvements would help a lot.

 I also wished there were a bit more chaotic effects for the dice like a range buff or something not damage related to create more variety in dies as I ended up relying on the x2 all die after getting frustrated at having to wait/attack air when having the element that heals the enemy. 

In spite of that feedback, a very cute and enjoyable game!

I really liked this game's interpretation of the theme! 

Something that would be helpful while playing would be to have sense of progress. The tutorial was also very comprehensive except for the of the flip sides of the card which I think would have been helpful. 

Trying to sympathize and find out what each person needs was really fun. Seeing  the interconnected stories was also well done. An awesome game all in all!

This is such an awesome comment thank you! Yeah definitely good notes on the visual and audio feedback. That's something we'll overhaul and add. And I'm glad you had fun with the game! Thanks so much for all your feedback we really appreciate it!

Thank you! And yeah haha definitely a hassle. We didn't intend for it to be this hard, but we weren't allowed to put an external link which made things more complicated haha.

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you like the art!

I liked your enemies types and look of the game! With some tweaks as other's have mentioned to the camera, speeds and visibility, the game would really shine. Good job!

The attack and movements of the game are very crunchy and feel very good! My only wish is that the passive additions for using die was better shown, because it wasn't really felt when I was playing the game. The presentation of the game was also very polished and smooth. Good job on a great game!

Really beautiful game. Shooting and utilizing the buffs gotten from missing was fun. I wished I could shoot more, having to wait for die and do nothing felt bad. Maybe have a way to pick up shot die and/or have direct hits auto comeback to you? Regardless, it was fun to shoot and use the different die.

Cool concept! It was fun to try and manipulate the deck to create a rigged game. I wish that it was easier to see some information in some way, because the amount of info needed to memorize is a lot, especially with the different types of deals. Cheating is always an interesting mechanic to do in games and you did it well!

Short fun game, wished there wasn't a chance to roll nothing as I feel like that limited the game design to have that limitation to be able to be beat without any powers. I was able to ignore most powers and just play powerless. Enjoyable game still though!

Thanks for playing! Yeah thats a good idea for the health, making the battles faster would be good!

Super fun! I really liked throwing die and having an active role in defending my tower. My only wishes were more polish on the throwing and information on what each face did, but after a while could figure out what they did. Love your take on the theme!

Fun comfy game to play! Some of the buttons were a bit strange to me as the last level's button didn't do anything regardless of how I tried to interact with it, but was still fun. I also thought that for the rolling dice button maybe having it linearly/predictably change numbers or a more controlable jump might be better since you currently cant time your jump with the current shown face in time, thus making it very random and out of your control.

Thank you!! Yeah, we were going to have sound effects, but at the faster speeds, it gets kind of overwhelming. Gotta spend the time to find that right balance. Positive and clear feedback during battle is something we will try to improve on! 

Thank you so much! Hope to add more after the jam is over!

Thank you! Will try experimenting with a three tier system or a slider for speed because the longer you are familiar with the game with it the less you need to see the animation as you mentioned. 

A really fun and unique take on the theme! Very engaging and challenging. Collisions with other die feel a bit rough since it was already hard to be focusing on your dice face but very fun still!

A really fun puzzle game! Could use a better tutorial or instructions, at first I couldnt understand why my number would go up or stay the same. But after that confusion, the game was a blast to play through. The level designs for the later puzzles were well made!

A really fun puzzle game! Could use a better tutorial or instructions, at first I couldnt understand why my number would go up or stay the same. But after that confusion, the game was a blast to play through. The level designs for the later puzzles were well made!

A really well made story game. Nice mini puzzles with each enemy and determining the best order of things, also fun to try to skip ahead with a little bit of luck. Good job!

A really cool and well done game. The story and mechanics had me easily immersed within my playthroughs and the narrative experience was great. Minor easily fixable feedback, is that you can currently easily minimize risk and "reset" your time bar by force timing out in no risk decisions by spamming the dice even when no numbers are shown.  One of my favorites in the jam!

Fun shooter! I like the way the upgrade systems work, always making you make a decision of the value of each upgrade. The Increase luck upgrade I think shouldn't have the distinction of first roll/rerolls because it makes either always rerolling or never rerolling optimal.
I got up to 3:55 in the game and was enjoying it the whole time.