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Dude this is so clever I love it.

So surprised this didn't go on my radar sooner! Came here from Game Dev Unlocked, and totally downloading based on the screenshots. Keep up the good work!

Would love to see it! I think you have your voice would fit very well with a gamebook.

Enjoyable! Strong, clear prose, and all the symbols here were used with purpose instead of as decoration. :) It's so hard to find hypertext fiction that isn't needlessly obtuse. The use of cards was also really clever! My only wish is that there were more choices--even just little flavor choices, especially as the sections get longer. For me, I like IF because I could pick up a short story anytime, but only an interactive short story on my computer. :)

These are free?! T-T Thank you

i get that this is a game jam game but dang this is depressing

Love this style--just enough detail, actual variety in the male and female I just wish I was working on a sci-fi themed game! Thank you for posting your work.

I know right?!

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(tread with care, i'm risking the consequences of the internet's unspoken double posting rule to bring you this information)

My Foolproof Guide To Picking Who To Romance First:

June - Pursue if you like big brother-types, space cowboys, blushing, and/or forearms.

Damon - Pursue if you like assassins, devil-may-care mating calls, scarred eyebrows, and/or fingerless gloves.

Calderon - Pursue if you like stick-in-the-muds, height differences, vendettas, and/or men in uniform.

Bash - Pursue if you like engineers, comic relief, tattoos, and/or the Million-Dollar Man.

Vexx - Pursue if you like foxes, bodyguard dynamics, shared history, and/or your scarred eyebrow on the opposite side.

Ayame - Pursue if you like big sister-types, free spirits, the color purple and/or gills.

Ryona - Pursue if you like sick leave, houseplants, Nurse Nightingale Syndrome, and/or the Blue Man Group.

(A.K.A. After thinking I'd be a Vexx fangirl, I'm onboard the Juniper Express now).

Like I'm all excited for my MC to have her thing with Vexx...but I'm shipping Calderon and Ayame in the background. xD It prolly won't happen--but just imagine a game where you could matchmake the MC AND the side characters (outside of Fire Emblem anyway). Keep up the great work!

I can't remember if I ever left a review back when I first played this, but I just wanted to say this game restored my faith in visual novels. As a hopeless romantic and big reader who grew up back in the day when hardly any visual novels were translated and Western-made ones weren't a thing, I couldn't wait to get my hands on what sounded to me like a match made in heaven--cute graphics, cute guys, and I get to pick what happens next? Sign me up. But cue post-adolesence, I now find most visual novels are a let-down. They're not made for grown-ups. This is an exception. Not that it's stuffy or overtly mature. But it reads very human, and I loved being able to shape the personality of the protagonist. I don't even dig post-apocalyptic settings, but this one was just right. I hope you continue to publish your work in the future. I've played your other releases, and honestly want more. <3

Dude all of your stuff is so classy <3

I remember playing this a few months ago! I adore the art style, hope to see more!

Thanks for sharing and allowing us to use your work!

I played this at the beginning of the year and I still find myself thinking about it now and again. I've always loved the *idea* of visual novels, but find most of them poorly written (why are you describing what the character is wearing when I can literally *see* what they're wearing??), the romances cheesy, and/or the main character so utterly boring or unlike me that I lose immersion. In Aloners, you get a cool dude with a believable romance that actually responds to the MC's personality (i.e., the one you choose to RP as). I'm not even a huge fan of postapocalyptic stuff, and I still dug the heck out of this. 

I should've posted a review a while back, but I recently saw that the author has had some creative block/RL troubles, and wanted to send some positive reinforcement their way. Keep writing visual novels, no matter how big or small. Your characters send me, and in a tsunami of visual novel gunk, yours are diamonds in the rough. <3

Thanks for quick response! As far as grammar, I think what matters is you played to your strengths, and despite the mistakes, it actually worked in the game's favor! Your output's insane anyway--keep up the good work.

Really enjoyed this! WELL, was close to finishing, but I think I got myself stuck:Lol, I didn't have problems the first time, but I was putzing around when I revisited and suddenly realized 'OOP.'

Other than the misstep, nothing else blocked me from enjoying this game. The dialogue is a little stiff or grammatically incorrect in some places ('key is in under the table' was one, where 'in' should have been 'hidden,' I believe), but it also kind of fit the slightly off atmosphere? Reminds me of how people talk in dreams--like you understand it, but you don't realize something's off till after. In which case, the atmosphere of the game was great! I think the amount of puzzles to solve at any given time was just right--they were just challenging enough without being a slog. Hopefully I can finish the game here in the near future! Thanks for this little gem.

Looking forward to it, thanks for the update!

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Really enjoyed this, obvious labor of love. I was familiar with some of the concepts, but it was nice going over recursive functions, for loops, etc. Most educational games don't do much but paste a by-the-numbers plot over their content, but this game has actual worldbuilding, interesting locales, cute characters, and an original soundtrack. Looks like it's been about 1.5 years since the last update, but I'd totally appreciate if they were just taking their time to release the full game next instead of bits and pieces here and there. 

Great work as always!