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Hi Helios, got the zip folder for windows sorted out now. Though I haven't been able to test the direct to rift build on windows machine :( the oculus demo insta - crashes on my windows laptop.

Thanks for the input, hopefully we'll be able to develop this concept into a great game.

Thanks for being patient with the Windows build. Force feed back would be awesome, I think we're going to work on making the vertigo feel more real in the next build! You could be a great neighbour and drop a vote :) also great stuff that you dropped by to say it's working :)

I've uploaded a fix for windows build now.. using the latest hotfix for the VR tracking on windows 7/8. Please check it out, any further issues please post back here :)

Hi mechabit,

Not sure what the issue is there.. I build this with the v2.2 sdk on osx. Had it working and all.