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I'm glad you had fun!

BBB #1 (for now?)

Tried again, 15m20s

I disabled the CRT flicker effects but the main menu "S becomes $" flashing effect and the alerts are very jarring in a way that makes the game unplayable for me.

21m38s took a bit to get the hang of it

Seconding @FeanorsCurse.  That was a really cute & fun game and I want to see more of it!

Mimolette was the last one and it took me a bit.

After the "unknown" thing happens, if music/sounds were muted, they are reverted back to unmuted.  

You place the letter "A" then wait for "Mounie" to start accumulating, then you see the upgrade price to the next letter and quit the game because of how long it's taking from the very start of the game.

Can confirm; lost my save

Mute doesn't silence all sounds

You can left-click and drag to move around the map

From home: rabbits are roughly northeast, foxes are roughly southwest, wolves are roughly southeast

I'd say that you should try that again, but this is likely the best you've got. Thanks for trying.

Well, that's the stupidest thing I've read all day, and I spent an hour on Twitter earlier. Good job.

1.  Cherries grow on trees, not bushes.
2.  Should be able to continue by hitting space or enter, not requiring a click.

Weird, it's not showing as a valid save string after I copied the full text.  Tried a few different times, no dice.  

I'm wondering if anyone else using the Linux version has had a similar problem?

Okay, so it seems to be happening to older saves, too, including ones that loaded fine previously.  I had not modified any game files, but I tried unpacking the zip in a new folder and the problem happened again with that instance.

No worries!  Is there any way of salvaging the save?

I was not; started that save in 0.36 and continued in 0.37, nothing else.  

And they were not removed when I loaded the save; they were just sitting on the surface, in some cases overlapping surface things.

Got an error loading a save, here's the save file.

That must be it.  I noticed the problem at Bird Island.

Farms in v37 seem to be plowing through water pretty fast

Is there a way to get a second penguin at this point?  I was hoping to get two igloos sustaining each other, but Pingu's the only one who showed up so far.

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Gotta build beds for them to rest and recuperate!

The funny thing is that all of the problems your mother complained about are current problems in the (very capitalist) United States.

Manual driving literally defeats the whole purpose of the game.

The web version is pretty fun, any chance of a Linux port for the desktop version?