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Fun and quite challenging little game.
And very nice chiptunes! 

I do like the AESTHETIC of this game (needs to be played full screen).
Sound effects are a bit too loud (or the music too quiet) .

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Simple and very fun! I love it

fun concept and pretty challenging game.

hiscore: 86

update 30/10/2016:

As per request, added a password system !
Set the game in pause to see the current level password.

update 23/10/2016:
Added a speedrun mode to the game.

The screen canvas is scaled by 4.
To replicate the dot matrix effect of the Gameboy screen, I just added a semi-transparent grid overlay on top.

Cute graphics and quite interesting mechanics. It took me a while to get used to the controls and understand that you could use the orb to teleport yourself where you want. I would like to play more levels.

also, really nice dot matrix effect ;)

The engine is nice, I like the old-school zelda-ish transitions eefect. Too bad there is no real end to the game. I would maybe suggest to go with procedurally generated level / Rogue-like approach for this one.

Hello mguitars.

This is quite a lot of nice chiptune tracks that you have on your soundcloud!
Are you still available for collaboration?
I need some music for my game and I think I won't have time to make everything by myself.