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Amazing game. Well done! 

Loved it. So much fun. The creepy but whimsical character designs remind me so much of Tim Burton movies like Coraline. 

I loved it so much! It's a fun, polished demo and it's super promising. Very excited for where you'll take it in the future! 

I loved Littlewood! The characters are fun, the colors are warm and bright, and the art style is adorable. I also really liked the concept. 

Super fun, cute platformer that was surprisingly challenging at times. It reminded me a lot of the online platformer games I played as a kid. 

I covered Ellen for 1Game1Minute! It's a lot of fun so far :-) 

Loved it. Played it for my channel and I'm also doing a 1 hr play through for GameLuster at a later point this month! (I apologize for the long intro, I was trying to think of a fun way to introduce the game, aaaaaand I got a little carried away.) 

Super relaxing game set in an interesting world. 

Played this game for #1Game1Minute. Love the gruesomeness of it. Reminds me a lot of the Watchmen and Fables.

Cute marshmallows, but sooooo demanding. 

I loved, and I lost. 

Short, but overall an interesting and fun experience. I like the setting and how it touches on the issue of childhood poverty. Looking forward to full game. 

I covered this game for #1Game1Minute! As a BIG FAN of Gravity Falls, I'm super impressed with how detailed this RPG is. Great job!  

Interesting game that tries to address a really important issue. 

Awesome game, love the art style. 


Beautiful game. Kept me on edge even as I was walking through serene winter snow storms. 

Another really excellent game! Great job. 

I loved it! It's beautifully made and a ton of fun so far. Definitely challenging without the controller, as you mentioned. 

Preeeetty creepy. I can dig it. 

I made a short 1 minute video giving a brief overview of gameplay and what the game is about. :-D I had a lot of fun playing it; it's so freaky! 

Very short game, but so powerful. 

I checked out the Rainsdowne Players for this week's episode of my show #1Game1Minute! For anyone who is considering buying this game, this'll hopefully give you a good run-through of it. 

Fun game! I made a short video about it! 

What a fun game! I made a video about it for my show. So excited to see the final product. 

I enjoyed playing Lucah! :-D For my video I checked out the demo. I really like the art style in this game. Paired with the music, it makes for an unsettling experience. 

Uh oh. That's a new one! D-: I'm so sorry! Are you playing on the Mac version? That one tends to be buggier. When you defeat Brandy, there should be a star icon in the bottom right corner of the bathroom entrance. If you click on it, it should let you go to homeroom. Did that star icon show up? If not, I'd maybe try restarting it? If you hold down the mouse button, it should let you skip through the dialogue and you should be able to get back there really quickly. 

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Thank you; changed that to make it clearer.

Hey Batshua, 

What part of the game are you at? Is this at the very beginning? If you don't fight Brandy, the blond girl, you won't be able to progress to the next scene. Or is this later in the game? 

Decided to cover this game for an episode of 1Game1Minute on my channel. Absolutely loved Glitch; totally devastated that they killed my Bebo. #ripBebo