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I LOVE things that can genuinely creep me out without relying on jumpscares as a crutch- and this game definitely did that! It steadily builds up an eerie atmosphere and sense of dread. It's unnerving in a way that's definitely reminiscent of the mangakas who inspired it. Like them, you know how to make situations and characters seem just not quite right and subtly unnatural in a way that freaks out my lizard brain lol

The art's great- it's very expressive, and adds to the mood of the game. Rachel and Anita are endearing and easy to empathize with, which I think is good for games like this. The stakes are higher if you actually care what happens to the characters.

I look forward to playing the complete game!!

After completing the evaluation and post-evaluation interview, my patient said the experience was, quote, "weird but cool! The graphics were pretty rad, though it was a little too blurry and unfocused. I liked how the questions were presented in eerie imagery instead of words.

It's an unconventional idea to create a personality test in the form of a game, and I think y'all pulled it off pretty well!"

I submitted the Form 42-B from the patient's evaluation. I am curious to see what will be revealed from such a strange being's psyche.


Dr. Totallylegit