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Its only available on Windows since my ML scripts and API didn't work 100% like it was supposed to in Linux or Mac :( Also i had to make it a downloadable since the ML computations are very taxing on the browser

Lovely experience. Some of the stories here really resonated with me, and its evident it was a labor of love. I also think its very cool that a lot of your friends contributed their stories.

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Super clever concept, its very simple but it holds up for a while. Love it how the mechanics of the game naturally make the player move in sort of a radial motion, and how it also encourages smooth movement since quick twitches will break up the fragments and make it harder. Its very pretty too :)

I couldn't try the multiplayer but i within 2 minutes of playing the game i already know that it would be incredibly fun, and ever prettier with two colors swirling around the screen. Very impressive, awesome job!

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i finally got around to playing it and it's great! The concept is fantastic and the rewind animation is super clean!

I could imagine an iteration of this with a heavier focus on boss battles with barely telegraphed attacks (not randomized), that way each time the player rewinds they learn what to expect, and after a bit of practice the player can get through incredibly complex and choreographed battles that seemed impossible at first. i think that would be insanely rewarding.

Like Minit, but bullet-hell. That sounds like an amazing elevator pitch for a game :)

Great idea, great execution. nice job!!

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you liked it. Yeah definitely overscoped on the project but I’m still glad I did it :) I learned so much more about ML than what I expected.

I never thought about adding a trail to the bullets, that’s a great idea! It will help the player maintaining a general sense of direction of the bullets. 

Again, thank you so much for playing it! :)

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Incredible aesthetic! I loved it! The palette, the explosion's contrast, the feel.. it's all great! The little additional things also helped tie the experience together, like the water 'shader' and i believe i felt some freeze frames when hitting enemies but that might just be me :)

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Lovely Aesthetic!! <3

Very fun and relaxing, it wasn’t very intuitive at first but the difficulty curve was nice enough that i eventually understood all the basics, after that everything was very smooth :)

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Thanks a ton for playing! Yeah I’m with you guys. Now that I finished switching the game to a different engine, I can focus now on adding more content and “progress” to the game. And of course I’ll also be working on UI improvements, I’ll start with your suggestion about the teleportation radius!

I like these power ups ideas too! and they reinforce the Arcade play aesthetics. I’ll experiment with these. 

Oh you know about prototyper? Were you in the first BTP jam?

Thank you! I’m super happy that you liked it! 

Yeah! That neat little idea I took from JW (vlambeer). In Minit he asks the player to press x to continue from the title card and then you use arrow keys to navigate the menu (and x to select) when you first boot up the game. This way the player already has their hands on the right buttons before starting the game. 

Omg how I did not think of that? That’s a great idea! I’ll definitely implement it when I update the game :)

Thank you so much! It makes me really happy that you liked it! I started working on a more complete and larger version soon after the jam ended, like you said, i’m developing the core design further because I really liked the gameplay as well! Again, thanks a ton for playing and for your comment, it was very encouraging! :)

Thanks a ton for playing! i'm super glad you liked it. Yeah it definitely could use some more variety,  perhaps i could work on it a bit more.

Beautiful Experience! also VERY good design.

This interpretation of the theme was definitely a lot harder to get right, in my opinion, and you definitely nailed it.

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There’s a surprise if you get a 20+ score! Hope you enjoy <3

Love the art style, looks very good and cohesive :)

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It looks so pretty! i liked it a lot :)

Game feel is 150%! That coupled with very nice design decisions makes it a very nice and polished experience. its also different in some key aspects of this type of game which added to the experience too!

expertly designed! its tough to make a clicker engaging and fun :)

the boss fight is very very fun! i like it!

i also like the aesthetic! it some a bit of time but i got pretty good with the input eventually

one of the best building-block / platformers i've played, the controls also felt really good

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Perfect arcade feel! syncing my jump with the enemies to kill them last minute, spamming z, the difficulty curve was just right, getting used to the input layout again, i like it! perfect sfx too

100% expected an undertale twist when the game quit itself, sad but true story. i absolutely love how you handled the grapple mechanic, falling and then grappling gave me tons of momentum and made it feel so smooth!

i really like the aesthetic, and the fact that you have no input to control the players, they kind of just do whatever they want and you need to save them from themselves, it fits beautifully with the theme. in my opinion the mechanics are very well established

it handles really well and i love the aesthetic! also one thing i found really nice was how the shadows worked as barriers

Difficulty curve was perfect for me! that coupled with excellent level design and really clever rules made it really smooth and interesting! i enjoyed every second of it

one minor thing: grounding detection or whatever you guys used got a bit crazy when i landed on corners, but that's about it :)

no idea how a command-line line game can be smooth but this one is! i found the climb mechanic insanely useful to keep my momentum going. i agree about being able to enter your next move faster in order to make it just a bit easier, perhaps a "command+command" sort of input. i don't know, but i loved it