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Sadly no, it isn't detecting any noise at all D: .

That's super cool you used a snowball when making the game!! Whenever I press ESC, nothing happens or comes up? I've fully extracted the files, so i'm unsure as to what my problem could be.

Hey there! This game looks absolutely stunning and I would LOVE to play it, but it's not recognizing my voice D:! My Microphone works on Discord as well as other games, so I'm unsure as to what my problem is? I'm stuck on the beginning where it says to "Sing, Hum,  or Whistle your lowest comfortable note". Is there any  way you guys can help me </3? My mic is a Blue Ice Snowball if that helps any ^^!!

Also, As a self taught illustrator/animator, this game looks stunning in both aspects (I watched a small portion of a video, which is how I found this game)! Love how it looks <3!