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Thank you for the feedback! I am loving Godot so far and definitely plan to continue using it for future projects. I agree there were many bugs and unimplemented features that really prevented the enjoyment of the game. Unfortunately due to time, and of course the inevitable feature creeping (so hard to resist) not everything was finished or tested to what I wanted. The polish on mechanics is missing for sure. Despite that I'm very happy with the atmosphere and the visuals, props to hoovcat as I can't draw for the life of me, and the overall experience. It was in many ways a learning experience and getting used to how things work with Godot. I look forward to future jams :D and thank you for hosting!

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Thank you for the heads up! Sorry for the long delay, I have uploaded a new build of the mac version. Unfortunately I do not own a mac to test it so crossing my fingers that it works.

Thanks! Glad you like it.