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ah-- w-what loot build? i have no idea what your talking about in this completely public comment section 

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Thank you for the comment kind stranger, for the ‘best comment’ voted by you, I edited out my terrible grammar :)

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nooooooo..., Time Slide! xD

I cannot wait for more progress on this game! It radiates such a 2000's vibe; it's awesome

Haha, bugs come first!

you decide

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I just played a game and it changed my life. It showed me that "live life", isn't about living a life. Its about a life you want to live. I am able to survive without needing a house or children and that is how it should be. Don’t be peer pressured by society to live what is called a "life", instead live a life like live life...

Nah Just kidding I died at age 7 by being distracted by a bird while being run over in a janitors closet

Awesome game love the pop-culture references!

thanks b

Great game but can i suggest something? Grave sites 

Welcome to Attack beyond

Population: 2 - 1 = 1


your my top fan, well the only fan ha

yay - IGN

excuse me? Just launched a big update haha

Oh awesome you published it!

haha thnx ^.^

I have always loved making games and...blah blah blah! Do you like tank trouble? Wish there was a game that improved the game drastically? Introducing the COMPLETELY FREE game Attack Beyond (Tank Trouble Re-imagined)! A game where 5 people can get together and play hard out. You can customize your controls to your desire, over 10 new game modes and weapons, more backgrounds, changing player-counts (2-5), AI TANKS, EXPLOSIONS AND MUCH MORE :D

Get it here:

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The classic tank trouble has been re-imagined in a whole new style called "Attack Beyond", it is now FREE for anyone to play forever! No in game purchases or anything like that, you can now experience tank trouble in a awesome new way as there is over 10+ new game-modes weapons to play with. And just overall better improvements that were missing from the classic game. (You can change the controls, background, player-numbers 2-5, weapons are far more balanced, easier maneuvering, no getting stuck on walls!). 

Download it for free here:


Its definitely worth playing, its fun fooling around, exploring, solving puzzles and understanding the lore of Awhitu too, while being spooked!

yes haha


Awesome game ^.^

Here is some other photos  (of the multiplayer side :D)

Level 1Attack beyond has been released!

I re imagined the classic game "Tank Trouble" by making my own version, with many game modes, guns and more! There is even a single player campaign! (5 players possible on one computer, very fun!)

Come here and check it out!