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Man, those sneaky little burglars are hard to catch! The game is very charming and the gameplay is very addictive, I also loved the music (it's very fun to listen during the chase). Well done!

At first I thought the small resolution would be against this game, but in general I think it helps with the sense of claustrophobia and urgency on the survival environment. The graphics are very well polished, the item management is simple but it works very well for a game on this scale. The combat feels a bit stiff, but it doesn't become a big nuisance.
Unfortunately, I got stuck and was unsure if there was somewhere else to go or to do other than keep killing wolves, as following the tracks only led me to dead ends. The graphics and music are great, and the game definitely builds an atmosphere of its own. In general, it's a solid and charming game, specially considering the restrictions in which it was made. Seems like something that could be expanded upon and be very successful =)